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Despicable You (Artery Recordings 2015)

   Metal-Core of all young, sexy and talented female which alerting you for some Emo-Rock or Screamo influences still coming to burst within the growler vocals and Pop-Skater vocals like Hayley Williams impersonator but these uniting girls from US, United Kingdom and Serbia - Conquer Divide that comes groovy in heavy metallic tempos relating their music which produced more adrenaline beats for groovy out-put and letting boys screaming out the girl’s names – whether you will meet Kiarely Castillo to Janel Duarte or Kristen Woutersz and Isabel Johnson or Tamara Tadic with Ashley Colby as together they’re completing the lyrics and music compositions works proudly, themselves and later on Conquer Divide’s self-titled record which holding the key to something promised in the future that’s not be broken unless the girls turning on from Extreme Metal Music to becoming the next rocking vocals group rivalry the metal-version of Pitch Perfect movie casts to be compared because most of these girls are gorgeous and too beautiful and the music shall spoken for itself through the blasting songs like Eyes Wide Shut, Nightmares, Lost and What’s Left Behind for all whom believing in the Metal-Core Pop relativity !

Conquer Divide: