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Described Today (Floodgate Records 2003)

Started as personal project of Emo-Rock within the christianity-based themes but freely modern as being formed by Jeff Schneeweis and then recruiting some names of friends like Christopher Keene, Jordan Mallory to Brendan Sellers or Ben Tietz using the band-term under the name of Number One Gun as it chosen pretty much well which later proving to bring good luck to these guys during the music career. This first releasing from them Celebrates Mistakes pointed the marking for this Chico, California group signing to a bigger label and pick-up as one of the highlighted newer band generations for several Warped Tour sponsored by Vans as the story goes on. 
Coming with their bit mellow and smooth tempos as well as thus melodic parts sounding the alarm for many interests to listen to Number One Gun for this album through those mature lyrics and background memories made titles and musical formats on These Things, Hear This, You Fail Sometimes, Starting Line and Invest in You – precisely, would never easily ignores by the teenage fans and more skaters; searching for the new enlightenment dealing with urban area and concrete streets.  

Celebrates Mistakes: