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Delektuj Sie (Pomaton EMI 2001)

   Have you imagine about how Hip-Hop would affecting the female musicians of Poland ? One of the correctness stumble via the releasing of this debut recording from the girl duo known not as Dore and Fala but Pareslow must be one hell of the perfect rhyming duet who can definitely really flow the rhymes and lyrics even they’re wrote them in Polish but it’s not a difficult tasks to dealing with cause when you didn’t understand any of the meaning off those words; you still can doing the free Break-core Dance or Freestylin’ acts as the additional friend’s vocals or the dominant female ruling over the stage and microphone’s check leads to equality which really hard to made easily these days – taken over the world of male rapper slowly. Within their good-looking appearance and skills or techniques as the releasing of Galaktao really could giving more extra attentions from the worldwide media on Pareslow and the rest of Polsuh underground Hip-Hop scene in the near future. As the track-titles (in Polish) like WYECIG or W Miejskim Teoku Ginyc as well as Hip Hop Na Wega and A Mi To Na Tym that even sounding a little bit strange to translate well but keeping thus essential beats influenced by the old school Classic Rap music, Jazz to Funk Soul sisterhood which can easily captures your attentions for the loving much and rich culture of Hip-Hop as it went viral worldwide today. The spreading fast of information for the growing community and expanding borderless intense beats produce by Pareslow duet with their friends helping them for the debut record to shine. 

You will love to listen and need more materials from these girls whose powerfully sexy, irresistible and dominating the beats serving hot and spicy.