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Defect Illumination (ScentAir Records 2016)

   Choosing world as his hometown for spreading his music globally; our own producer/composer/musicians/vocalist by the name of Hector Alejandro Marin whom also a lyricist programmer develops his own mixture of Synth-pop and Future-Electro tendency in Mexico as the fresh proposal named Nordika as it sharing stage and experiences across the countries and many places on the remote continents as the one solo project recording within thus cold, bi-standard slow heavy beats which considerable as a semi-gothic influences territorial passage that people can also lean on to dance or drinks by hallucinating the imaginable hidden sense of romantic dark and blood-drops over this releasing of its fifth albums so far – Blut. Whether you got bitten or not yet; as the dance-floor feeling excited and inviting to force you to come down to dance with a stranger or the atmosphere keeps arguing inside your head that there’s nothing safer place than this place you’ve already been to – joined by some more stranger eyes watching every inches of your move as the mystic dry-iced tempos and not forsaken beats haunts the corners of your own eyes with the tracks of seductive romance playing in medium volume via Charm, Beautiful Wild Flower, Na├»ve Love or Feed My Obsession (All is Justified) to Aphrodite, Fly and Never Enough within Mr. Marin’s eerie vocal’s harmonizing. 

Nordika's Blut (2 cd's):