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Deceivers Daggers (End Hits Records 2016)

   May Day won’t be fucking complete without the marching protesters and the blasting Hardcore music out the amplifiers as the authority shall tremble once again because they know that deep inside their gigantic figures and corporate money power – against the people’s power they’re mean nothing. Meet your enforcer guards of Left-Winged HC power-violence thrashy angst full speed hate on injustice as they’re ready to flick the switch and blow-up something important for the new order of the modern world interests. For Incite &Conspire album; this Ruhrfott – Germany’s Wolf Down really seeing the reality as a broken vessel or infected township that owns by the corporations, companies and the elite syndicate whom twisting the majority and the minority like toy-dolls as they’re re-arranging the path of history surely bends from the entire rootsy truth. Five-piece Hardcore rockers slamming the blasts commonly to destroy and to smash the ignorant leaders and governments by people’s power unity as like the anthems over the band’s repertoir here on Against The Grain, Protect/Preserve, Invisible War, Flames of Discontent and Barricade Fever that’s going to reminds you about the news today showing the same shit played damn well by our beloved conspirators !

Incite & Conspire: