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Decay Of Silence (Pathologically Explicit Recordings 2017)


   Feel the enlisted of further lesser known Extreme Brutal Death Metal straight from behind the bamboo curtains of the Communist ruling party nation of China’s People Republic music scene where you might find these quartet consisting of drummer Huhao, Zeyu Dongda on lead vocals/growler, Yuwen the mysterious bass player to Heji on your guitars/drum programming section claiming their claws using the power of the Tianjin’s local Death Metal militia called The Dark Prison Massacre.
   Brutalized attacking the stereo system within this semi-permanent explosive raw but also professional composing music and sound engineering; into gore, mutilation, sickness or perversion of the themed lyrics which has made there – the band themselves successfully recaptures the second changes for good timing on releasing their next gory recording on under the realm of environmentalist issues survivor just like the picture of a baby sea lion watching the slaughter of its kind surrounded by bloodbath panorama that will making every of you disgusting as the ten tracks of destruction stories on Deformity of Human Consciousness vomiting thus terror tales about how our modern world controls our own fate that certainly, almost on the edge of extinction from Illusion of Withering, Hate Purgatory, Despite of Desolation or Mortal Awareness which sounded smarter for an Extreme band off China for digging more stuff like this along with the blending on some local Chinese sample spoken words and conversations letting you know that they’re too are talented yet dangerous.