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Cutters Immolation (Transcending Obscurity Distribution 2016)

   The equal surprising Thrash Metal gift out of Dhaka – Bangladesh where poverty becomes the best interests by far the outside world knows besides a backwards country in its moslem majority per-capita of its population. Everything’s broken up by the magnificent presentations from these trio of metal-heads: Jamil (bass), Afif (drums) and Tanim (vocals, guitars) bringing their ruthless attacks of classic Thrash Metal with conscious by having heavier influences from legendary names off the genre like mighty Nuclear Assault, Destruction or Dark Angel and even Exodus that makes Exalter becoming the band that you (Thrash fanatics) will easily ignore when meeting their powerful and brutal fast music presence here on the releasing album of Obituary For The Living that bursting crazy freaking riffs and awesome chords progressions within the slaying music over Tortured Innocents or Surrounded By Evil onto thus bonuses from their e.p recording like White Phosphorus Shell and Thrash Resurgence. Exalter might slapping you to coma and dragging your body on the street as the flying vultures feasting on your flesh! 

Obituary For The Living: