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Cunning Alibi (Bandcamp 2015)

Self-written materials and as the band trio projecting their shining raw mixing of various music from Garage Rock, Fuzz-riffs, PunkRock, Stoner to hardened Rock N’ Roll with a little bit Psychedelic breath on its atmosphere; Dawn of The Jackal from Melbourne – Australia may sounding really rock-out fucking awesome as the lead vocals perhaps, releasing his best performance by getting all the major influences from legendary names such as Nirvana, QOTSA to The Stooges respectively and the band themselves known to be closely sounded like the union power version of Ian McKay, At The Drive In to Refused with our heroes had their name tagged as members here: drummer Ivan, Steve for playing bass and giving out dad’s jokes and guitarist/vocalist Lach using their semi-Grungy distortions for one beat, two riffs and lots of fuck you to the audiences whether they’re liking the band or don’t. 
Self-Titled album with six tracks and the moment the jaw of the carnivore almost having its live meal with feathers; you already possessive by the crazy head-banger dance silly while destroying your dad’s garage listening to 40 Years, Cherse to Vorus, The Last The Lost & The Least and As I Beg My Mind not so gently but rocking raw aloud ! 

Dawn of The Jackal: