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Cotton Motorcycle (Shake It Records 2005)

Around the corner where one might finding how good is the combination between Billy Corgan’s buzzing guitars, Adam Duritz’s odd vocals and harmony to the Jangle-Pop meets Country-Folk missions from The Jayhawks all being creatively mixed by these Indie Rock from Cincinnati, Ohio – Wussy as formed and consisting of Chuck Cleaver on guitars and vocals, Lisa Walker (guitars, vocals), Mark Messerly (bass guitar), Joe Klug on drums with the pedal steel player as additional John Erhardt and releasing some good albums including the band’s first debut one: Funeral Dress. A simple vocals harmony and Alternative Rock institution grade that collectively entertaining and natural which marking the kisses of Summer or the windy blowing the stack of hays like a spiritual intuition driven by magic that turning the surroundings sunny and bright might be caught via the ballad Pop of Airborne, Soak It Up, Shunt and Conversation Lags that dragging boredom for a few feet farther – leaving a nearby on you, a melodies for smiling and thankful feelings for the day of today and tomorrow just being promised and safe to ride.

Funeral Dress: