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Corryvreckan (Tee Pee Records 2012)

Low baritone vocals, heavy in mystical cult-themed music producing to the Progressive encounters of both collision of Heavy Metal, Symphonic Rock to the occult-tinged messaging via the mysterious lyrics as the touching of science and magic equals the penetrations of blending in-between every elements available by the solid performance from your Math-Rock off Los Angeles named Ancestor assembly the ensemble of Doomy Psychedelic metallic music supported by the five-piece members of the band; Justin Maranga (guitars, vocals), Jason Watkins (organ, piano, mellotrone, vocals), Nick Long (bass, vocals) to Matt Barks (modular synths, moog, theremin) or Jamie Miller (drums) did their version of rising a legacy about Alice in Chains with some mix gender additional vocals helping the recording release of the band’s third album – In Dreams and Time. Blasting loud as the massive exploding services via mirror reflection over reflections and more reflections like a gate of maze figures temporary jeopardizing or confusing the modern world separated their logic from magic and so be it – the tons of tracks here will providing the conceptual or slight explanations about Whispers, The Last Return, Running in Circles or On The Wind – as the wondering thoughts being illuminated by the glorious First Light in pre-dominant enlightenment …

In Dreams and Time: