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Complicit Big Talk (Bandcamp 2015)

   Fully rhythmic just like you being carried back to the first days of Woodstock by the Summer of drugs on 1969 in sudden you got The Sea Slugs playing their things on your stereo; thus Afro-beats and Latino Funk-Rock experimental with pretty much of harmony brass sections really going to force your feet to do the silly dance as you might also seeing images of colorful bright surrounding your presence. Through their recording album of Women, They Cause Fear – meet the entire barrack of elite musicians too powerful to deny by our ears performing their absolute best efforts there on the disc by these Southampton – UK crew: from drummer Ross Gordon, vocalist/woodblock/shekere figure Jo Stevens, Will Scott-Hartley on conga, keyboardist Chris Lucas, bassist David Phillips, David Cefai the guitarist/vocalist with Harry Stoneham or Rob Bygrave to rapper Pedro Correia and the brass sectioned team – Rob Kitney (tenor/soprano), Beth Hopkins (alto/baritone) with Dave Sanders, Matt Scarterfield on trumpet or Arthur Kelly as much as unite but enough to driving the audiences to step inside the realm of endless beats even only within these five tracks that has been recorded on the album. The powerful groovy of over fourteen minutes and fifty one seconds explosive to the next thirteen minutes plus ten seconds Party Benightedness or See No Differences comes after that would finally told you not to stop by but following the beats wherever they went like a silly addictive music sounds which truthfully awesome to catch. 

Women, They Cause Fear: