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Cloudships Roots (Bandcamp 2012)

   Santa Cruz's Audiafauna isn’t a species of an animal but a good band consisting of mixed genders musicians such as Kelly Koval (vocals), Krikor Andonian (guitars & keyboards), R2 The Specialist (drums & electronics), Chris Lynch (violin) to Alexis Hawks (cello) bringing their essential popsicle Alternative Indie-Pop sounds to a wider audiences as the combinations between soaring harmony vocals, gorgeous female touch and traditional meets modern musical to enriching thus cultural demands nowadays of more and more music with honesty and conscious to teaching us better ways or at least, sharing the heartfelt communications via melodies and simplicity of Pop music. Expanding their blends of various genre that can be equally accountable to you and others like Folk, Soul or Electronica spoken directly within their lyrics right to our humanity familiar experience within this recording release for Grow Down as the track-listings provides you many great entrance to choose as your own choice of adventures through Heartwood, Before Tea, Feverish, Inner Weather to Natural Bridges and Rocking Chair that brought most memories comes back freshly in peace. 

Grow Down: