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Chrysalis Bonechurch (Exabyss Records 2015)

   Blending the gloom eerie Industrial/Electro/Synths and Death Metal effects in one particular softer Ambient recording that praising the bigger parts of Drone sounds along the hybridization process platform of an artist/group fantastically, carried the recording of Al-Azif as a part for learning more knowledge based on inter-cultural mix and noise/sample explorations via the works of The Insect Worship Collective. Red alerts for them who cannot reach the temptations on being highly educated in listening to disturbance sounds or meaningless signals re-invented here like themed tracking on See Through Buildings Phantasm Nocturnes and Monological Terrorist Curses Black Sheet Servitude for examples which did given those artificial projects of mind-controlling games with the hidden coding messages kept and locked to open when one playing the insect-ism symbolic music of Al-Azif; accidentally continued.