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C’est Si Bon (Bandcamp 2011)

If you think Jazz Americana and fully street-groove beats are already dead – you need to think again twice cause the answers lies perhaps, on one of this recording made to reality and of course, classic Jazz lovers by the New York City group calling themselves The Hot Sardines whose bring their traditional style of rural Bluesy and New Orleans Jazz roots to public and the new faces generations whose dying to listen for another Jazzy bites not dust nowadays as the dream came through while the releasing album debut - Shanghai'd by the band members: Eddy Francisco, Elizabeth Bougerol, Evan Crane, Evan Palazzo, Jason Prover, Mike Sailors or Nick Myers performing their originalities on Big Band completed with the horn sections and brass ones as well proudly, given away some of the best compositions creates via this Shanghai’d album just like an experience while walking through the streets of New Orleans and New York on the same time with the street musicians spreading their lonely melodies and dancing tunes even when nobody’s noticing them non-stop play – didn’t care but radiates thus originality music popped from the inside bubbles like Lulu’s Back in Town, Some of These Days, Bready and Gravy, St. James Infirmary Blues or Eddy’s Fancy; displaying skills and rare gifts to you.