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Caves Blue (Bandcamp 2016)


   New Millennium level of musicians like the many newbie artists or groups trying to make the same equality historic on musical sophomore legend stories like decades ago; not many might surviving the first level from extinction but maybe Shannon Entropy would gladly carving for more gains listeners and audiences while slowly tried to digging more experiences when they’re still freshly young and free as a band. These five-piece of Portland – Oregon as having double duty vocalists Tamsyn Cox and David Hickey to guitarists Libby Hamlin and Libby Bravo, keyboardist/synths – David Hickey and Jesse Hamlin to Roman “Bassplayer” Buermann or percussionist Kevin “Mustin Jark” Wilbanks tagging their mixed music of Hip-Hop, Dreamy Pop, moody Psychedelic Rock and Shoegaze or Math in order to giving an enriched sounds that would raise the interests of listeners listening this E.P releasing The Tamale.
Let oneself dancing until sweaty for basically, mesmerizing emotions through Pimpilla feat. Tamsyn or Janky Leg which both celebrating their funky tones and rhythmic beats in variables fully access for you today ! 

The Tamale EP: