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Canaan Caliphate (Soleilmoon Recordings 2016)

   A new game but brought the same old Classic Folk-Rock as well as thus mystical magic of Pop Indie within the steps of the harmony tones beneath lies the messages or lyrics about the prophecy for the future past as these solo project turning to a smaller group led by the essential minds of Richard Leviathan doing the music, lyrics, guitars, bass, percussion and vocals with David Lokan on bass, productions to Tom Weir on percussion and productions establishing these Adelaide, Australia band – Ostara as the magical season coming back equinox of Wiccan Spring and the old beliefs – so did the musical floating from the record that they’re produced and release through Napoleonic Blues that comes like the ghost collections from the past to telling about the righteous path for the next listeners as they’re being blessed within the music tracks on thus spiritual Acoustic Dark of Neo-Folk and Post Pop demands needing to be heard just like the songs inside it sharing you the visions, the thoughts and the wise themes on Black Templar, Blood to Stone, Burnt Offerings, Red Swan and many magical tracks available for the wiccan community and the ordinary men who believed that the universe is playing equally better to those whom preserving their hearts and the attitudes for the adoration to Mother Earth feelings.

Napoleonic Blues: