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By On Walk (Broken Dog 2016)

   All tracks written by Jonathon Linaberry alias The Bones of J.R Jones – a Bluesmen and Indie rocker whom likes Country, Folk and Pop as well, making his own compositions and melodies with his guitars and wrote down most of the lyrics telling the listeners about the renewal redemption for a remarkable comeback steps for out the dark under the lights as spiritual as the songs might too damn good and secular to spreading to us via this recording of Spirit’s Furnace to burn tons of your sinful marks and receiving the kindness back as a modern human with Blues Rock as the weapon. We got the great choices of total Bluesy moments as the sadness reduced and replacing by wisdom that bursting out from Hammers and Nails, The Heat, 13 Kinds to Dry Dirt and Wedding Song; displaying not only the melodies made by the white man singing the Blues that a reality check should admit this; as the union between God Anubis, The Pope and The Grim Reaper becomes your new trinity alliance based on this album.

Spirit's Furnace: