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Breeding Cemetery (Jagjaguwar 2016)

Formed by Stephen McBean as the transformation of this Vancouver’s local rockers to Black Mountain really fits as the changes smoothing their rocking brighter days since then within the additions for the completed line-up with Matthew Camirand, Jeremy Schmidt to Joshua Wells and the band’s front woman Amber Webber – decided to make the group not just a communal collective but also giving variety of more type of Rock Music sounds mixing like Stoner Rock, Indie-Rock, Psychedelic and Hard Rock by the non-lethal generating themes about Progressive things and Space-explorations through several good recordings as well as this newest one on IV. 

Listen to the harmony music and the great vocals from Amber and the band through Mothers of The Sun, Florian Soucer Attack, Defector and Constellations where the latest efforts liable there sounding perfectly raunchy, excellent and simply rocking in their most beautiful mysterious and interesting basic ways provide.