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Bovine Spongiform (United Dairies 1989)

The British simultaneously simulated Avant-Garde and Electronic mixed with Noise-Rock and Classics Music sounds ridiculed the honesty of popular culture by vivisecting their purveyors sinister movements since Nurse With Wound (NWW) started to begin and masterminded by  Steven Stapleton, Herman Pathak and John Fothergill before the assistance left behind one day and the responsibility for it lies on the hand of Steven Stapleton himself as the developments on Nurse With Wound keeps on extremely experimenting within all thus musical products and instruments and samples of noises which never leave the estranged, weirdy odds through NWW entire career such as this album from the end of the eighties called A Sucked Orange that viciously delivers most of the infamous and entirely, Experimental Music of exploitations themed surrounds you with eerie, not from this world or horrific taste of pleasure of its track-listing products. 
The strange traditional beats from the primitive life-form to the indigenous tribes that usually lost or never found emerging here through Spiral Theme, Man is The Animal, Sinan sings for Her Chums, Nasal Hair, Rockette Morton Part One and Two, Dogs Breath Rising or Crack Up as well as more mysterious tones and noises like they’re coming from the deep web of our internet ocean depth might be some few examples of how it is going to be when one decided to entering the realm of unknown error music that creates by Galway’s Nurse With Wound.

A Sucked Orange: