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Boca Torta (Bandcamp 2014)

   Maldito Mundo Cao can be describing as “damn world” fits the impressive brutality and aggressions carried by the crew of Thrash Metal Cross-over – Satangoss, straight from Rio De Janeiro where life’s there doesn’t always be like parade of tranny nation and big boobs babies or the indigenous fake native culture that being sell-out by the governments for monetizing their greed and corruption clan-based leaderships because that reasons now these underground terror squad with their coarse lyrics and plenty higher-learning society pressures relating the listing tracks of protests and reminders over the local and national issues that usually kept as secrets by the authority – opening wider again via the cursing full album as it blasts few songs which sounding influenced by Sepultura to Ratos De Porao and many more legacy of the Brazilian Extreme Underground community against the corrupt power-holders that dominate the whole country for decades – where football might be as beautiful as Ginga-soul but poverty becoming crucial themes covering the seventy percents of the whole populations under the blessing grace of Christ the redeemer statue as the blaring bursts of Nada, Bencao da Morte (A Historia de Mestre Cao), Joio do Mal to Satanas Faz A Festa Na Favela do Dende (featuring Danihell BAGA) screaming in fast loud extremity to fight and to kill for surviving not to pray without hope.