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Biedronka Krestyane (Not On Label 2013)

   Founding by the two clever members: Artem Galkin and Pavel Eremeev and baptized themselves as Usssy a Noise-Rock session band-jam from Moscow whose collaborating their simple and impossible ideas in making the blends of both traditional Middle Eastern sounds with a quarter-toned scale of experimental Rock music noises that sounding semi-Hardcore or Grungy where the album of Afghan Music House Party is actually, not an ordinary dance album but some-kind of an extra-ordinary pleased marks that begun to hyping things which they did in the pasts and now. Pleasing you with a combination of special AK-47 and the local-rugged tapestry taken from the memorabilia of perhaps, the real Afghan war souvenirs to the English format of Experimental psychedelic rock noise that in standard level may struck you hard for the fancy aggression through Lion Meets Rattlesnakes, Broken Trident, Utenos, Booty Dance and Unicorn Seeking Pastures or kiitos are making the explainable offerings there would telling you about more story behind Usssy’s artistic/loud music.