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Bend Universe (Ume 2015)

   Born Christopher John Boyle or then known by the Rock Music world as Chris Cornell as he got the craze of infamous fame over the development of a revolutionary path blown up by Seattle Sound as the media of Pop music covered it non-stop since the mid of eighties era until the last of nineties seeing Chris Cornell making bigger changed to the worldwide Heavy Music with his band great band Soundgarden or then (later) the super-group Audioslave with the ex-members of RATM but nevertheless, this man is only human and he can gets boring but for that we the music lovers once again got a plenty good recroding and songs written by himself as a solo artist. Higher Truth must be one of that important album recorded by Chris Cornell and unluckily, his last one for this life before the shocking news struck the world once again about his death. A tremendous comeback of Chris Cornell after the awesome first record of his solo career as the tracks per tracks were written beautifully and one can catching some glimpse of Cornell’s favorite influences there from Led Zeppelin to Otis Redding (respectively) and quite personal as the stories within the lyrics can be interpreted widely open but never satisfied to listening just once. Mostly pours into the Adult Rock Music characters with melodies and Chris Cornell strong-powerful vocals might haunting the listeners for the demands that shall never be satisfied as not many of them knows it – deep inside him; he’s always being lonely in thus search for one single answer about the meaning of existence as the songs trying to open many doors for that here on Higher Truth. From the semi-acoustic of Americana Rock on Worried Moon, a last vowing goodbye for Dead Wishes to Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart that might touching his deepest feelings about his failed marriage or Through The Window which creeping out of the hidden lost confessions of himself about everything as well as Before We Disappear that knocking one particular place as the Soft Rock harmony singing the Bluesy lyrics for the reminder of the dangerous parts of being famous that might kills you one day. 

A beautiful piece left on this album as many weeping the loss for another Rock hero falls …