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Bek Skyen (MBN 2009)

Following their appearance for joins the children or junior music-talent searching contest by the organized broadcaster of Norway state NRK; representing their native hometown – Nesseby and the group won the first place; making The Blacksheeps whose consisting of the talented young Pop-rockers: Agnete Johnsen (vocals), Emelie Nilsen (guitars), bass-player Alexander Touryguin and drummer Viktoria Eriksen after becoming the Nordic MGP as Norway representation, releasing their online album as a debut self-titled record. The Blacksheeps mixing the quite popular modern Rock Music with Punk-Pop and Alternative glamour of the new millennium mission accomplished but only for several times as a shorter-living group caused by the separations and indifferences between themselves since then and as the new additional personnel comes and go; the future of the group felt uncertain. At least, you still can re-thinking about how The Blacksheeps sounded deliciously alike and the tracks like Punk Revolution, Mama’s Boy, Rain In Aarhus, Tales From The Forest and Oro Jaska Beano (Be Quite Dog) might leaning the harmony of Pop intentions captured by them to you to shared …  

The Blacksheeps: