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Behind The Sun (Dionysus Records 2009)

   Experimental Cinematic of the exotica Psychedelic on moody Pop sense as the collaborative term has no borderline between these two music composer figures calling this project of Electronic music experiments as Kava Kon but predictable to be so enriched in harmonies and surprising groovy beats possible to mixed by Bob Kress and Nels Truesdell as they’re taking most of the best samplings out from the right source – the natural noises produced tons of heavily subjective sounds to blend actively and guaranteed as satisfactory while one listening to Tiki For The Atomic Age that for seeing a future as memorizing the pasts through the pacific culture point of views and written it on The Exotic Traveler, Polynesia Poppies or Journey Home; following the wind blows crossing the thousand of islands like jewels of the hot vast water world around the Pacific ...   

Tiki for The Atomic Age: