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Battle Cry (Transcending Obscurity Distribution 2016)


   Exactly – no nations can stopping Heavy Metal music from spreading its claws and wings destined to be expanded by territorial and Islamabad, Pakistan is no exceptions to it as Blackhour emerging from the middle of fanatical frantic and fundamentals moslem country on the Southern Asia region to blasting their courageous music with fantastic techniques presented by the members of the band – Tayyab Rehman (vocals), Hashim Mehmood and Mubbashir Sheikh Mashoo the double evil-tinged shredders with drummer Daim Mehmood and bass player Salman Afzal whose proudly did their modern version of Progressive Metal alliance with the taste of Classic Heavy Metal standard tempos bursting within this recording release by Blackhour called Sins Remain which telling the listeners their lyrics about war, life or nature through Rehman’s clean vocals that would very much surprising you all on Wind of Change, Life Brings Death Love Brings Misery or Losing Life as the perfections made by the band really too exciting to be true if you falsely looking back where they’re coming from …

Sins Remain: