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Baramutn Ledakng (The-Concrete 2016)

   Many thanks to Yasuhiro Morinaga a Japanese sound archivist, designer and composer went to the remote location on West Kalimantan for recording this rare occasion of the traditional ritual and the native indigenous people of Desa Terap, Kecamatan Toho on Mempawah County; as being helps by some of the scouts and crews did this great recording made by some various local musicians of the Borneo tribe and compiled them for this album entitled Gong Music: Dayak Kanayatn that would giving you the active fans of World Music and Traditional instrumental sounds – a good music that can magically hypnotizing you while listening to them here. The traditional musicians playing traditional musical instruments such as Bumadius (Dau We), Su Nonggek (Dau Na), Jang Tolong (Tuma) and Abda (gong) that existing as mostly percussions music without vocals; felt like one being carried out to nowhere-land crossing the sky of clouds under the wave of winds and landed finally, in the seventh heaven for being kind, being wiser and being brave for living the life in prosper or worse being told through these ethnomusicology  – as Jubata the opening, Samoko (Samoko Lamut) followed by Bawakng  or Pulo Pinang seems sounded like something you never heard before coming out of the jungle of Borneo and the ritual itself didn’t lasted long but will permanently, taken your half of your heart and feelings left there with the beautiful ancient civilized music in high taste made by the talented inland people of West Borneo.