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Balding Astronomy (Mountain Man Records 2013)

   This recording - Read More; isn’t about isolation at all but perhaps, some of you guys might think that the good or the bad penetrations via the melodic harmony assuming of Alternative Emo-Rock and Pop touching of semi-acoustic pomp sounds as well as the group vocals emerging over the recording release by Tobias Funke which either a one man artist or a band really didn’t matter to discuss for now. The amateur of broad-daylight musical tracks sounded like a bunch of teenage kids sniffing on glue on a back of the caravan while consuming one gallon of Long Island tea, writing messages or lyrics to their ex-girlfriends or dumb-butt friends during the nineties era where Alternative Rock would be the best choice for rocking out on your garage and basements weekend rock music practice. Ignores the cactus and the paper doll figures but Everything I Own Fits in My Prius as well as I’ve Made a Huge Mistakes and I’m Afraid I Just Blue Myself performed by the trio in aliases as Lucas, Harrison and Megan. 

A bit far from being twinkly interesting ? 

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