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Avery If Only (Topshelf Records 2014)

Consisting of your sixes featuring young Rock fans turning themselves into a band from Seattle – WA as we meet with Lizzy, Andy, Sebastien, Jacob, Josh and Mikey if you like other bands like Built to Spill, Sunny Day Real Estate or Bjork combined in one package, you would definitely loving these Dreamy Pop group calling themselves Special Explosion as the mesmerizing tunes of harmony mixtures of melodies by using solid plays on the live music and the materials written by themselves to be recorded and being release as a good distribution sounds towards whom it may concern and as many listeners that shall liking the group’s efforts just like on this second mini album entitled The Art of Mothering which at first, might reminding you about That Dog in many similarity but then you know that Seattle Sound may still becoming the right choice for them as they’re mixing it with more Modern Pop culture sounds as the lyrics issue keeps updating that fits to the mainstream charts or social media - spreading maturity. 
Not trying to selling themselves out too much; Special Explosion perhaps, demanding you to take an easy steps on them because they’re new and you also listening in such happy feelings through Clotheslined and Hide and Kingdom and all those lovely sweet tender music creations by this awesome group.

The Art of Mothering: