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Aphrodite Terra (Cold Smoke Records 2017)

Playing their instrumental music with highly intensity over the blending for thus Experimental Ambient, Post-Rock, Post-Hardcore to Electronic Rock emerging softly but not really quietly lame to listening as many of Progressive Rock lovers would gladly and seemed to enjoying these particular delivery via melodic tokens and harmony views of atmospheric resemblance via the hosts and the spreading self-composing music that ejects their listeners within them to an outer limit on barefoot walks through air and spacing the border-skips of dimensional characters that blurry faded to creates something new to you by perspective. Hubris. will providing everyone in their audience seats a temporary button as the opening album Apocryphal Gravity releasing its non-toxic tracks as the enlightenments for the wiser words of wisdom turning to harmony masters; on the journey from Deimos to Phobos Pt. 1 and 2 as well as Doom Mons which probably mysterious and the no return possibility on Beyond The Styx Pt. 1 and 2 which all free but again – risky …

Apocryphal Gravity: