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Anhrefn Lahendama (Not On Label 2011)

   A Long waited as eccentric sounds portion build by the mesmerizing techniques reaching out as you would love to have a Progressive Math Rock and Djent Metal actions being released independently by these Sydney’s grand quartet of newcomers naming themselves Serious Beak with Andrew Mortensen, Lachlan Dale, Gene White and Tim Brown blowing their mind-melting, punchy rhythms as well as discordant distortions and hidden supplies for melodic retributions on solos or changing chords practically braver and wider. One shall loving this type of non-arrogant music products as the band’s collaboratively smashing the front door by the repertoir of most excellent mastery enriched jamming metallic sessions for the releasing record on HuxWhukw. 
   And like the bad karma for the vulture then being eaten by the small Colibri (Honey birds) as a good payback blasting through Han, Swagger, Godel !Xun, Tahue Nadryvy Tahue! or more presented of the mighty Djent of new Prog-Rock today afflictions; one shall definitely choosing this one for standard sounds comparison which needs clearance a new.