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Amokiscisia (New Forces 2011)

Maybe one would thinking about what’s happening due to the lost contact of the last spaceship floating million miles away from planet earth as the armada tore down and scattered into tiny pieces as the transmissions suddenly stop and gone onto just permanently static – you will obeying your captain speaking and listen to this meaningless disturbance of noises made by human on Corpuscle album Loam Drape or used to be known as well as Interracial Sex or P_E as other aliases and still after several countless minutes and waste of oxygen; static noises keep on buzzing through Temple of Immensity until reaches the borderline of Ever Mother Nail Biting Son which carries the lost messages from a mother to his beloved son who raping her several years ago as our torturing continues within Dalkon Wall’s screams echoed or Kill with a Glance bursting non-signaled signs out there while all the hope is already vanish and the spacecraft floating deeper into darkness of solitude universe …

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Loam Drape: