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Alright Fever Ready (Sailor Overdrive/White Zoo 2014)

   Reclaiming that they’re coming from a higher place in a far galaxy within the space-age folklore opening song We Are Born or the Ain’t Nothing to Fade which calling the revolutionary people to gathered up in arms together as the fast tracks and fierce tempos of Punk-Pop and the sing-along themes of lyrics being written spontaneously by these La Spezia – Italy’s Garage Rock group of King Mastino whose normally loves books, movies or soccer but also crazy about the type of bewildering attitude of high-tension Rock Music energy produced by the legendary names like MC5. Radio Birdman, The Hellacopters, Gluecifer, The Hives and AC/DC with great respects from the band members. Meet Alessio (guitar/vocals), Massi (bass guitar/backing vocals), Holly (guitars) and Jimmy (drums) bursting the roars off the band’s massive terror on fast riffs, blasting drums and bad attitudes as they’re recording the numero tre album entitled We Refuse To Sink that sounded better than the average LA Punk-Glam bands you ever heard. Awesome tracks there on the lists as the cover told us about how the giant whale fighting the hunters whom only can hurt it but never ever can kill or destroy it as the same version for the group dreaming about the same passion for spreading their direst dangerous sounds like on Operation Underwood, Here Come The Sailor, Eye for an Eye or Lose Yourself can be some example about how these Italian rock-heads eager to following the steps of their favorite nutty Punk pioneers from the past.

We Refuse To Sink: