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Ad Sanctos (Crucial Blast 2013)

Focusing on the nihilistic Noise-Industrial to infernal Psychedelic, darker Ambience or Hardcore/free Jazz experiments and improvements; one may calling Rotorvator as quite a mysterious solo project master-minding by Emanuele Bortoluzzi whom particularly ascending the hymn of destructive terrors boiling up within the secluded measurement over pneumatic Black Metal guitar riffs to nebulous steaming level through violence and desecrator of human life mainly destroyed by the self-inducing pollutants made by themselves. A unique strain of abstract noises has been pounding hard as the blistering vocals and monotonous grinding of machine drums erupts louder and spitting thus horrible themed tracks created by this Italian Industrial Extreme Metal likewise an Avant-Garde Death Metal and obscuring haunted beats like Trent Reznor’s possession through Humming Bones, L’Eternita, Domenica and Facing West – among the other destructive choices available here for you sicko-minded community, waiting to be released from the chained facility of the remote asylum building …

I Vivi E I Morti: