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Absolute Body Control (Out Of Line 2012)

   Maybe known as the Electro-Industrial messenger named Rabia Sorda; the factual information about the man standing behind the figure that expanding your addiction over this type of sub-genre musical godless formats might found out that the founding-master minded guy called Erk Aicrag is an anonymous aliases for Erik Garcia not because he’s not trying to intimidate any old Classic Industrial masters by taken their titles but for the creativity mixture and scary-creeping atmosphere being built by him over the recording releases to the shows under the moniker of dark stages and mysterious occult’s visions made by his own hands and mind.      Soulless recording compilations on Eye M The Blacksheep has brought us back the elements of personal hiatus, suicidal and temporary camouflaging shapes of an entire life’s span featuring thus remixes and surgery of musical disfigurements through tracks like Father or the Joy Division cover on She’s Lost Control (and Me Too); with producers and mixers teams army like Pankow, Kuroshio, Officers and Lord of The Lost – making the unhappy themes turned to disaster of poisoned rhythmic sounds of your loss …