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A Loser Balls (Bomb Records 1978)

   Old but never too late for rocking your days this year because even this Classics Punk-Rock, Reggae-Pop, Funk-Rock and pleasant surprises which might lesser-known to the world perhaps is reasonable for the Toronto-based group Battered Wives active during the seventies and stays on rocking until the early eighties; consisting of a quartet: Toby Swann, Larry Klassen, John Gibb and Cleave Andersen that also got their alias as The Wives. As the Self-Titled recording and the debut for them back when it was “a Punk Rock Hay-day”, excellent riff-age, standard fast tempo to the cool singing action and stuff reliable for you to taste the real thing from the past right here on Battered Wives album. We got the anthem calls over Suicide, Uganda Stomp, Get What I Can, You Better Be Right and Daredevil will driving your ears a little bit then just in rocking dilemma but spiritually – everything would seems to be reasonable with the Punk-Rock elevated mission as a smart female slut girl turning to heroine and beats-up the rapist white dresses men with seductions and poison !

Battered Wives: