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A Close Encounter (Rephlex 1996)

Dance-Electro and Synth-Pop creamy performance with their influenced of Liberace and rootsy for Indie-Punk, Funk or Disco-inferno by colors owning by the quartet mixed gender group The Gentle People with their stable simple but sensual well offered sounds based on particular Pop-tunes that carried romantics, love or lust as friendships and relations relatively meant the right way for being a little bit wrong but listening to them anyway – would making one arousing for softer sex but non-abusive touches glittering around the listeners and the audience whose beginning to sweaty a little since the starts of Soundtracks for Living album play which collaborates the innocent and the tempting tracks like Laurie’s Theme, Emotion Heater, Le Tunnel De L’Amour and Relaxation Central shall pops your imaginations come true with the girl you die to dated or a mom needs a cuddle, right next door.    

Soundtrack for Living: