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14:08 (Guruguru Brain 2017)


   Just like the day the world's celebrating the Vesak day – one can finding the entrance leads to a new perspective point of views while having an intimate moment listening to this Tokyo’s Psychedelic Experimental of Doom Rock instrumental trio which consisting of bassist Wahei Gotoh, drummer Konstantine Miyazaki and guitarist Ikuma Kawabe as then calling themselves as established within Dhidalah (band) name.
   The journey through the ancient forest with gigantic trees too older than your great grand grand parents age to the probably, adventuring mining caves of old crystal and materials related theme lying on the thus Space Rock-related to J-Rock roots by the eleven minutes and three seconds off GRB song via the album - No Water. 
   The explorations, the progressive metallic rocking deliberations to the essential amalgam symbols continuously resemblance to the climbing version of the process for freeing oneself of the Bodhisattva-self connections.

No Water: