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13:43 (The-Concrete 2017)

   On the heart of the thick forest area to the border between West Kalimantan to the Northern parts of Borneo Island live the indigenous tribe of people calling themselves Iban – one of the most ferocious headhunters of the Dayak ethnic groups whose being feared for centuries by settlements and immigrants entering the third largest island in the world. Just because the Iban’s being accused just like most Dayaks by the outside world; Japanese composer and sound engineer Yasuhiro Moniaga, photographer Ken Takiguchi  and local coordinator Nursalim Yadi Nugraha went to a faraway place inside the jungle of Borneo – which actually located on Dusun Pulan, Kapuas Hulu-West Kalimantan bordering with Sarawak of the Eastern Malaysia and giving us this magnificent recording of the traditional shamanic occasion using black magic/white magic entitled  Dayak Iban: Manang Sirang Ritual as being held for three days in a row as the practice of curing or drive away the bad omen from the village and the people living on it. Starting on Day2 Evening as being open by the head Shaman (Manang) Chanting spells and prayers followed by the Shaman (Manang) Chanting & 2 Women playing gong and tabung like traditional drum for about nine minutes in Iban’s language as they spoken to the creator up high asking for mercy and help also to the ancient grandparents and founding figures off the tribe’s beliefs which sounded eerie and haunting as the music comes monotonous and hypnotizing. Male mediator (pawang) speaking in spirits’ language continued by another sessions for Shaman (Manang) Chanting the third times after midnight until we’re reach a Day3 Morning where Shaman (Manang) starting to Chanting followed by 2 women as the spirit’s musical mediator playing gong and tabung (drum) again to the finish parts of this holy ceremony back there – inside the Borneo Jungle where mystical and dark magic still strongly exists in many forms – believe it or not.