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04:57 (Attenuation Circuit 2014)

Gintas Kraptavicius maybe synthetically hypothetic and absurd when it comes to the making instant music of experimentations plunged like a broken recording that had been erased and then, re-recorded again via his amazing and non-explainable album called pOpXEnA. Not only the name is already weird and odd but the musical noises exploration inside it are also cannot be categorized as music in Pop-standard level which sounded really really disturbing just like watching a b-rated horror sexuality or a bad bad low-budget movie with nothing valuable inside it left. Search no more or just stop there – friends; Gintas K isn’t your ordinary musician whose trying to make more money from his efforts. This type of a idealistic music-maker, composer and producer would rather going insane and keeps making stupid sounds on his record like this one – where pOpXEnA1 or the next one and the next one later on pOpXEnA3 to pOpXEnA6 in various durations shall remaining like a waste of time for one to playing them but maybe there are some kind of hidden messages lies on the back of thus mysterious basic Electronic glitch disruptions on the recording that meant to be remaining lost for some reasons. Don’t trust your ears for once and later someone successfully, braking the codes behind these meaningless signals of a time-capsule composed by a retard guy or perhaps, a genius one for psychological mis-perception experiments on human minds to develop. 

Scientifically, odds !