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Boca Torta (Bandcamp 2014)

   Maldito Mundo Cao can be describing as “damn world” fits the impressive brutality and aggressions carried by the crew of Thrash Metal Cross-over – Satangoss, straight from Rio De Janeiro where life’s there doesn’t always be like parade of tranny nation and big boobs babies or the indigenous fake native culture that being sell-out by the governments for monetizing their greed and corruption clan-based leaderships because that reasons now these underground terror squad with their coarse lyrics and plenty higher-learning society pressures relating the listing tracks of protests and reminders over the local and national issues that usually kept as secrets by the authority – opening wider again via the cursing full album as it blasts few songs which sounding influenced by Sepultura to Ratos De Porao and many more legacy of the Brazilian Extreme Underground community against the corrupt power-holders that dominate the whole country for decades – where football might be as beautiful as Ginga-soul but poverty becoming crucial themes covering the seventy percents of the whole populations under the blessing grace of Christ the redeemer statue as the blaring bursts of Nada, Bencao da Morte (A Historia de Mestre Cao), Joio do Mal to Satanas Faz A Festa Na Favela do Dende (featuring Danihell BAGA) screaming in fast loud extremity to fight and to kill for surviving not to pray without hope.   


Fin De Curso (Bandcamp 2017)

   Unique branding as the mixture of these Hispanic-Taiwanese recording group brought the audiences their sincere Electronic-Pop off Taipei in Spanish lyrics must be a guaranteed that the musical providers really amusing to catch and you may believe it as Duda Deportiva releasing their full album called Artefactos as the band themselves consisting the quartet with miraculously talents and chances to shining brighter now being known as Chema Gonzalez (vocals, guitars, synthesizers), Zac Chang (bass), Chen Han (drums) to Michii Hayashi (guitars) as being supported by the Republic of Taiwanese cultural minister for this effort and such a compromising softer delicate sounds produced and mixed in such a convenient ways through El Fantasma de las Elecciones Pasadas to Maquinas de Software Intercambiable as the romantic themed as well as the groovy fusion of Pop-Indie, Rock Electro and funky modern Latino melody rhythms are all being too good to be true to entertaining those Pop-music lovers anywhere with this one. 


Motorheadache (Independent 2016)

   Reminding most of the listeners about how Glenn Danzig did something a bit wrong from his darkness patterns of Bluesy-Goth-Electro things to those Sludgy Stoner connections within the members of some familiar bands form the sub-genre community like Low Gravity or Luna Sol and baptizing this lot as Smolder and Burn as well as the clever riff-age distortions and loosen frequency of infernal intrics over the deserted period while being lost in the desert for couple weeks might affecting your brains to seeing images or hallucinates and this self-titled recording would kicking the tension and given the audiences an example or more to that using the combinations of brave fusion off Grunge, Heavy Rock, Doom Metal and Stoner Indie Rock to adding the senses inducing rock that forcing the head-banging rituals to happen while cranking the tracking sounds via Master Of None or Mastodonnyosmond; come crashing like a too late hand-brakes handling to avoid the unfortunate driving mistake moves on a remote empty road – facing the ghost car or the devil goat himself.  

Smolder & Burn:

Elegy-Wang (Kizuna Media 2012)

   Happening to be from Japan, playing not only J-Rock but the mixture of various combinations between Punk-Rock, Psycho Rockabilly, Rock N’ Roll to Pop that making sense while one listening to the music equally made well in standard skills by these trio of gorgeous Japanese native women using the talents to rock harder and – of course, rock-licious when we had touching the definite recording from The Akabane Vulgars On Strong Bypass as Miki (bass, vocals), Kei (drums, vocals) and Yumi (guitars, vocals) breathing to follow the footsteps of Japanese legendary Alt-Rock girl-group like Shonen Knife and the rest J-Pop Rock genre society that already famous worldwide. Standard rocking faster or a little bit slower but still like riding the highway; most track-listed songs of these fourteen self-written music such as the studio version: Rosario, Baby Baby, Bottle in Absinthe or Cabaret Chain and The Night or thus live recording such as Danzarin, Ressurect or Little Rendezvous sounded naughty but fun might be mistakenly mentions as a male group products or just a regular Punk Rock patent but the potential sounds releasing by the girls would closely turning them to a bigger on stage or becoming nothing and forgotten. 

Gambare - it’s up to themselves …  


Bek Skyen (MBN 2009)

Following their appearance for joins the children or junior music-talent searching contest by the organized broadcaster of Norway state NRK; representing their native hometown – Nesseby and the group won the first place; making The Blacksheeps whose consisting of the talented young Pop-rockers: Agnete Johnsen (vocals), Emelie Nilsen (guitars), bass-player Alexander Touryguin and drummer Viktoria Eriksen after becoming the Nordic MGP as Norway representation, releasing their online album as a debut self-titled record. The Blacksheeps mixing the quite popular modern Rock Music with Punk-Pop and Alternative glamour of the new millennium mission accomplished but only for several times as a shorter-living group caused by the separations and indifferences between themselves since then and as the new additional personnel comes and go; the future of the group felt uncertain. At least, you still can re-thinking about how The Blacksheeps sounded deliciously alike and the tracks like Punk Revolution, Mama’s Boy, Rain In Aarhus, Tales From The Forest and Oro Jaska Beano (Be Quite Dog) might leaning the harmony of Pop intentions captured by them to you to shared …  

The Blacksheeps: 

Absolute Body Control (Out Of Line 2012)

   Maybe known as the Electro-Industrial messenger named Rabia Sorda; the factual information about the man standing behind the figure that expanding your addiction over this type of sub-genre musical godless formats might found out that the founding-master minded guy called Erk Aicrag is an anonymous aliases for Erik Garcia not because he’s not trying to intimidate any old Classic Industrial masters by taken their titles but for the creativity mixture and scary-creeping atmosphere being built by him over the recording releases to the shows under the moniker of dark stages and mysterious occult’s visions made by his own hands and mind.      Soulless recording compilations on Eye M The Blacksheep has brought us back the elements of personal hiatus, suicidal and temporary camouflaging shapes of an entire life’s span featuring thus remixes and surgery of musical disfigurements through tracks like Father or the Joy Division cover on She’s Lost Control (and Me Too); with producers and mixers teams army like Pankow, Kuroshio, Officers and Lord of The Lost – making the unhappy themes turned to disaster of poisoned rhythmic sounds of your loss …


Ritz Bitz (1320 Records 2013)

   The enthusiastic music-writer, producer and Electronic instrumentalist John Hastings has given one of his best efforts via the releasing record towards Mystic Wonders album where you might finding thus experimental Funky breaks of Hip-Hop beats measurement shall entertaining those audiences whom listening to this magnificent simple but powerful Electronic music recording under the moniker name of Rumtum and just like the front cover artworks that combining the magic of Aztec or Inca from the Meso-America within the fresh flowers there as a delicate banquet also sending the images about how Rumtum’s sounds really can make you dreaming in fully hallucinations through the elemental samples or noises intact within the track-lists like the native-based Worldvibz, GoodLove, Midlate Patterns or When onto Zon River; All Over The Map as the journey crossing many places and unique variety of Earthly things as reacting like the prospect products by the guy with talents and the rest of his instrument equipment can provide the beats to show you how to breathing like a dance. 

Mystic Wonders:

Imprisoned Torment (Sevared Records 2016)

   Manny Casas (vocals), Derick Harshbarger (guitars), Angel Gaeta (bass) and Colin Foster (drums) the four-piece Death Metal absurd crew from Lafayette – Indiana comes to delivering the insane images about the destructions of mankind and their civilizations as themed on the cover of the artwork from the album fully preserved with brutality and fear and total annihilation – Perverse Devolution. Breeding Filth is the kind of Death Metal band that you wanted to have as collections; they’re sounding mean, they’re really destructive whether you with them or not and there’s no guaranteed that you will not be consumed as well by the terrible giant creature appearing down with the thunderous lightning and storm as the planet being slowly destructive from within and outside – the mass of victims countless now being fry by the hellish fire of eternal damnation. All because of our own faults that ripped and sow in time which is now. Gagging on The Fumes or Eaten From the Inside or Lurid Master or even Sufferance of Savage Debauchery may relentlessly can be stopped as seemingly, quite permanent for the destruction of poor humans of the blue planet living, breeding, breathing without noticing this ! 

Perverse Devolution:

The Adversary (High Roller Records 2008)

   Must be a fanatic damned good disciples from Kristianstad not for sharing the love of god in general but thus blasphemous trickster songs made by the band of Heavy Metal-heads named Portrait; taken their thicker influences from the infamous Mercyful Fate or King Diamond’s works and life-style attitude and make them their own. With the high-pitched vocalist Phillip Svennefelt to the double guitar-heads Richard Lagergren and Christian Lindell, the bass player D. Slaughter and Anders Persson behind the grimace thundering plays on the drum sets, hailing their releasing debut record under the self-titled same name like the group and easily shall devastating the entire ears around your living room while these tracks cranking loud and dangerous – such as Village of The Fallen, Bow Unto The Devil, Beware The Demons and A Ghastly Silence would do good for converting your family to Satanism in quite slower timing exploration for the much blasphemous arts in the process through this demonic literature products. 


Effellohdoubleu (Off Beat Production 2002)


Kristian Powlowski creates his own creative world of music through this project of a various mixing between Hip-Hop, Rap Music, Rn'B, Soul to Indie-Pop and Electronic noises within the baptizing figure on Kay The Aquanaut forcing the effective excess for thus nervous addictions on cool beats and flowing lyrics messenger through this first debut album - Solitude Savannah which crazily, filling most of your accomplishing dreams about how a white boy would dig deeper and making a hella-awesome recording like this one. Powerful groovy and essentially, harsh but clever within the greater opinions over the themed tracks licking wider and stabbing the right places on it's aiming policies above the imbalance law-suits or the rejections from other conservative white communities onto our Canadian-born rapper Kay The Aquanaut sending his messages in common language everybody would totally understands via Upside Downside Upside, Father's Idiom, The Jungle, Van Gooh Go, Abyss (featuring Devo-Tea), Took The Toll (featuring Factor) or Headphone Sactruary to Animal - shall giving the examples through the actions right inside the ignorant ears and the good kindness hearts to fighting the injustice or attaching unity or you might seeing next to what happens later if the poverty keeps reigning your urban area with above the law grips ...

Solitude Savannah:


Riders of Canymede (Hypnotic Records 1995)

   Among gases and other floating materials up there on the atmosphere as the border-line between the inhabitable and the outer space making limits – grab your chance to matching this serving sounds of the mixed instrumentals noise which creates rapidly in motions by the project of Progressive World Music and Electronic-Folk for the universal beings and other worlds connection through Spiral Realms; creatively has been the performance of the duo: Simon House and Len Del Rio. Non-pressures tension and the ejecting out and up in total void experiences can really felt closely like it’s yourself in suits crossing the limitless ocean of time, lights and nothingness altogether by Parsecs, Cysyrgy or within Sands of Mars all the way using the boosts musical instrumentals performance recorded onto Crystal Jungle of Eos - where there’s no more imaginative inter-galactic travelling that can’t be made.


The Ice Sheet (Dusted Wax Kingdom 2010)

   As Tommy Marshall known as Marshall Artist made the English productions of Trip-Hop and Ambient side-project called Third Person Lurkin as you might decided to put your headphones and press play to the beginning of the finest moment where the journey through sounds begin and the silhouette of a mysterious person seeing to the open sky as he watching the real rare event of The Nameless City floating up there without a sound – watching the old world trembles while thus mixing Downtempo music, Electronic samples, noise extracts filled the silent atmosphere with slow beating pulse track-lists within Eon Dead Hallways, Churning Vapours, The Silver Key and many more questioning needs an answer about Cyclopean Pylons or A Potent Nimbus or Liquid Lights. You might sit down wondering or Float Awkward as Mountain Top Temples banging their giant bells; warning the surroundings that the judgement days are upon us and counting … 


Manners Maven (Bandcamp 2016)

While the travelling wilburys timing forced to have the group on the road to recorded their materials while heading to somewhere; that’s what happening to these Brooklyn – NY’s group of Tan Tien which written and performance by two figures of main characters: Evan backer and Jesse Kranzler not hoping but hard working while did their time due to hit the road to Colorado, San Diego and even to Kithoka, Kenya far away in Africa continent. Piece of Avant-Garde experimental, Math-Rock party sounds to Art-Rock of New York style with thus Art-Deco shaping edges really bursting the reality for thus listeners on having a great times while the musicians performing their nude creature of humanoid only shaping as muscles and nerve system visible to the world to see; like the terrible stuck-staging of someone being under the experiments on a secret project of making people invisible or hollow but fails. 
Dark Party Art Rock supplying thus plenty wrappings melodious and strange things carried by the Avant-Garde type music of the group; as the sessions of weird beats, power grooves or spoken words displays filling the gap one by one to be a solid recording as the audience realizing the tremendous tracks like Steam’d in four minutes or Blind Man’s Faith to Hash Baths crossing for eight minutes more delivers the real artistic realm of Rock Music world reaching to your dreams and obsessions with good ambition from Tan Tien to be visible and bigger since then. 

Dark Party Art Rock:  

Hunter’s Moon (Massacre Records 2002)

Dressing-up in tights within the Modern Nu-Metal style would becoming, the style that might going to kill the career of the band’s entire great talents off the awesome Progressive Metal music which written down an epic, power and overcoming struggle around it as the central producing this better sounds from Helsinki; you might loving them – Tunnelvision; the five-piece rockers from the North territory creating their own distinctive melodies, grooves and extreme clean-sheet solidify between the performing musical skills independently through the second efforts here: Tomorrow. Vocalist Marko Waara, Vili Ollila on keyboards, Juhani Malmberg the shredder, bassist Lauri Porra and drummer Mika Rantanen trying to produced the record which might gone related to the story facts about how the Earth’s actually, having a disc shape as there’s not conclusion topics which supporting that completely there but other subjects which praising some kinds of knowledge or false technology related across thus Silence, Parasites, The Hermit (Wait and See), Don Juan’s Triumph or Ribbon of Tears even though the cover in blue might trying to express the relations. 

Anyway, enjoy the symphonic melodies jamming for those who loved the metallic grooves !


Insular Girl Clara (Weiner Records 2015)

Gazing by monotonous, depressive in a box type of lyrics or just thus enjoyable (for some) slow beats that didn’t quite recovering any spiritual consciousness but standing closer to Pop Music in general; you might feeling a little bit low when you demanding these Indie Rock format led to sad romantic as being influenced heavily by Joy Division in common but separates off decades with the French connection group of mixed gender players – Tomorrow Massacre. 

Meet yourself with the living musicians like Kevin Paul Cahay, Eleonore Navarro, Paul Pechenart or Esteban Avellan releasing the Square Fruits record and filling it with non-gladness themes like Silver Leaf, Peaches & Tangerine, Not in The Eyes to Apple & Cinnamon with their English lyrics and sending the tubular weirdness messages to the next days if you decided to follow the last steps of Ian Curtis or at least, this Frenchy band’s gloomy cold road where the music went slow and the vocals sounded desperately in deep broken pain. 

Square Fruits:

Cotton Motorcycle (Shake It Records 2005)

Around the corner where one might finding how good is the combination between Billy Corgan’s buzzing guitars, Adam Duritz’s odd vocals and harmony to the Jangle-Pop meets Country-Folk missions from The Jayhawks all being creatively mixed by these Indie Rock from Cincinnati, Ohio – Wussy as formed and consisting of Chuck Cleaver on guitars and vocals, Lisa Walker (guitars, vocals), Mark Messerly (bass guitar), Joe Klug on drums with the pedal steel player as additional John Erhardt and releasing some good albums including the band’s first debut one: Funeral Dress. A simple vocals harmony and Alternative Rock institution grade that collectively entertaining and natural which marking the kisses of Summer or the windy blowing the stack of hays like a spiritual intuition driven by magic that turning the surroundings sunny and bright might be caught via the ballad Pop of Airborne, Soak It Up, Shunt and Conversation Lags that dragging boredom for a few feet farther – leaving a nearby on you, a melodies for smiling and thankful feelings for the day of today and tomorrow just being promised and safe to ride.

Funeral Dress:

Sail Guilty Filthy (Red Bull Records 2011)

Aaron Bruno leaving his previous bands out and built something new and solid not only in the music structure but also the more characterized patrons which fit for any occasional purpose and nobody knows what is it going to be until Awolnation formed and spreading a bit jealousy among other West Hollywood groups and music scene that (yet) another cross-over band which combining Modern Rock, Electronic, Synth-Pop to EDM beats comes and constructively trying to destroy the less-stable music stepping ground there. But fear not because Awolnation which also consisting of names like Christopher Thorn, David Amezcua, Hayden Scott to Kenny Carkeet and Zach Irons truly creative and fresh – they’re making thus mixing sounds that brings the late 90’s era colliding with the past new millennium trends with today’s demanding conscious music beats which needed a dynamic movement or motivations and through the first album from them – Megalithic Symphony, the blending of Arena Rock, Funk, Soul, Power Pop and Electro-beats attached to one another and sounds amazing to your ears. Some Sort of Creature. Soul Wars, Jump on My Shoulders, My Nightmare’s Dream, Knights of Shame to Not Your Fault – all seems to be entertaining now ! 

Megalithic Symphony:

Iheslaria Ama Lurra (GOI Music 2001)

   Galdutako Itxaropenaren Eresia or Funeral of Hope for Galdatako really means a lot but the mystery will be questioned always cause this album release from the Gipuzkoa, Basque Country area by the Black Metal band named Numen; must be a presentation of a war declaration to the long presence of anger and hatred resistance of freedom towards the land from the nationalist regime governments but also don’t you forgetting about the darker deep evil lurking from thus displays of occult temptations and messages held to burst out quickly like fang’s bite marks from the group to their listeners as being consistence within Denboraren Iluntasuna (Time of Darkness), Mendiaren Irrintzia (Clocks) or Gau Hotz Isilaren Magalean (Cold Night’s Hillside) comes like a blasting raw Classic arts of Black Metal in fast and crushing beats – leaving only a few survivors after they’re passing through your county. 
The themed lyrics of either nature, battles and Basque legends really would giving the audience a worth reasons listening and later try to find something more about the background resistance behind the Basque territory long history of rebellion towards injustice. 
With Lander (bass, flute, alboka), guitarists Jabo and Xabier, Eol the keyboard player, Eihar on drums and lead vocalist Aritz Navarro turn this Folkish Black Metal extremity into an artistic forms of resistance media. 


Jawline (Bandcamp 2015)

   Pop-Power non-artificial meets Progressive Rock as Indie band from Lawrence, Kansas named Not Like Igor really didn’t sounds like that but extra-muscular by their structure even though one still can finding a Folkish Country Pop acoustic on them through How Are We but most of the opening session album tracks off This is Just to Say really buzzing with low distortions and heavy feedback like Comet, Rosy Cheeks or Build a Shelter. 

Thankfully to Maxwell Gustav Moore and the Fredrickson’s Nicholas and Anders for being themselves and making this “not that simple” recording and sharing it with the rest of us …  

PS. If you love fun, simple and outlandish Pops.

This is Just to Say:

Fried Will Me (Rise Above Records 2007)

   Stop stepping and wait, the stomping beats coming from the irresistible Stoner Rock plus Space/Hard Rock persistence cannot be seemingly stopped because you are there witnessing the artistic Progressive heavy music brought by these trio of Andrew Prestidge, Nigel Ingram and Paul Fyfe naming themselves Winters as their existence are protected by some of Black Sabbath’s riff-age mutualism with more Desert Rock of Kyuss like influences and artworks of semi-nature-occultism shared to the audiences whom – either liking old Classic Heavy Metal and Doom Rock to those who also demanding for a great guitar’s melodic solos that can destroying the PA quite easily in short time. Meet Winter’s remarkable outages via Black Clouds in Twin Galaxies album; that first – having an awesome head-banging chords and structure of music with greatness awaits. Second, you might begin to liking them instantly – for the honest metallic meets independent and artworks and tracks of erupting mystic lyrics for Two Wrongs Make a Right, Mark My Word, Life was So Simple, Aftershown to I’m a Destroyer and Endless Fight with thus crashing rough and lighter good sense for rock to breathing free.

Black Clouds in Twin Galaxies:

La Bella Soledad (Spati Palace 2017)

Mesmerizing as well as commencing like the wind of West Ponape side blowing slow; sending the fortunate musky messages thrown from the heavenly world up there down to earth as thus harmony of capturing sadness mixed within hopes prevailing the unknown letters firmly sell-out to the remote spotless sun-screen windows facing the East of the left corner on flatten world provides the essential Dreamy-Pop within thus Reverb-Indie Rock as the female personnel leading her voice as the leader for this manual sounds embarking the amount of measurements on nearly peace experiences via the Palm trees’ leaves by Highest Sea through Haunted Hearts – a s we can relate the forcible current-melodies attachment for them. Four tracks in this mini recording album must have been collectively strong enough to giving you a first good impression just like on Hawaii or Wait for The Night which easily tossing out the romantic balance of the truth for the fixed soul-mates or two strangers’ eyes met together.

Haunted Hearts:

Silence Outro (Narbentage Produktionen 2016)

Marks as Mr. Paha Henki ultimate dark-devotions for blasphemous lyrics and satanic force proudly presented here as the mini album releasing by the alias project of the Black Metal, ambient, depressive and suicidal Extreme raw noises breaks through this violent figure of one man-band called Per La Lumon on Self-Tortured Solitude. The opening seven minutes slamming, smashing and disturbing tracks just being continued by the following extremity mystical of Sterbend’s song off Depressing Paths Through Fullmoon Forests that leaving you in a type of nearly-demon possession by the haunting vocals or the brutal metallic sounds available there from the dark-side as the dedication to one of his fallen friends – Percy Bysshe Shelley among others on committing suicide. Such a productive in fully negativity recording extreme artists as your example about how dangerous Black Metal arts can really become - provided by Paha Henki Productions.  


Hem White Moon (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records 2014)

   What’s left behind as the legacy from your Psychedelic era or Hippie-flower generations is these Tokyo, Japan mesmerizing musicians or group calling themselves Kikagoku Moyo (meaning geometric patterns) that instead of forcing themselves forged into the Japanese culture completely, learning some influences from the Hindu’s cultural elements and beliefs straight in India as the historic format sounds from Indie Rock, Progressive Music, Psychedelic  and Worldwide sequences all made in coalition within the band’s performers from Go Kurosawa, Tomo Katsurada, Daoud Popal to Kotsu Guy and the eccentric sitar player - Ryu Kurosawa as might being called as the band’s soul searcher commencing their music towards the great various choices between modern and classic as the atmosphere being build within the massive tones as proven through the second recording release – Forest of Lost Children that reflecting respectively most of thus wisdom spreading within the last era of the sixties and the late seventies even not mentioning the failure of it as well for protesting in peace about designated issues on human civil rights but might getting paid off several years later in a different decade by this Japanese band. Re-written the essential lyrics and pure messages of non-aggressive topics via the melodious music talents and self-esteem of collective souls off the band; the recording sprouting some of their beloved and awesome long-jamming of Prog-Rock popularity interactive attractions on Kodama, Semicircle, Smoke and Mirrors as well as Street of Calcutta – grasping excellent via permanent measurements about reality sounds within the hallucinated realm …

Forest of Lost Children:

Ole Speed Freak (Grooveyard Records 2013)

   A quartet of four horsemen perhaps, not too sounding apocalyptic and please to meet the Southern rockers from the South – Nashville as they’re mixing Hard Rock or Hair Rock ingredients to be exact as Jarrod England (lead vocals, slide guitars), Bob “Action Earl” Watkins (lead guitars), Brian Witty (bass guitar) and Chris Hardesty (drums) proceeding their musical project called Black Mountain Prophet as they’re releasing the infamous good debut album on Notorious Sinner. The Lynyrd Skynyrd influences or the eccentric outlaws attitude might get captured by the listeners via this band’s explorative expressions and melodious performance as the Southern –Rock classic groups used to did before and then. Notorious Sinner just like a pleasurable rocking emission verse for the biblical story about the wrestling battle between a mortal and an angel in Pniel as the heroic musical also approved to be competitive and undeniable for those fanatic fans of this type of Rock music anthems through the tracks of the scums of the West West world after the death of Billy The Kid or such but never sounded to freaking greedy to be loved. Absurd or romantic like Smack Me Down, Too Much of a Good Thing to Love My Woman or Deuteronomy and Second Son might sounded like a poisoning feelings as mysteriously talks about Somethin’ in The Water - just happened.


Corryvreckan (Tee Pee Records 2012)

Low baritone vocals, heavy in mystical cult-themed music producing to the Progressive encounters of both collision of Heavy Metal, Symphonic Rock to the occult-tinged messaging via the mysterious lyrics as the touching of science and magic equals the penetrations of blending in-between every elements available by the solid performance from your Math-Rock off Los Angeles named Ancestor assembly the ensemble of Doomy Psychedelic metallic music supported by the five-piece members of the band; Justin Maranga (guitars, vocals), Jason Watkins (organ, piano, mellotrone, vocals), Nick Long (bass, vocals) to Matt Barks (modular synths, moog, theremin) or Jamie Miller (drums) did their version of rising a legacy about Alice in Chains with some mix gender additional vocals helping the recording release of the band’s third album – In Dreams and Time. Blasting loud as the massive exploding services via mirror reflection over reflections and more reflections like a gate of maze figures temporary jeopardizing or confusing the modern world separated their logic from magic and so be it – the tons of tracks here will providing the conceptual or slight explanations about Whispers, The Last Return, Running in Circles or On The Wind – as the wondering thoughts being illuminated by the glorious First Light in pre-dominant enlightenment …

In Dreams and Time: