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Insular Girl Clara (Weiner Records 2015)

Gazing by monotonous, depressive in a box type of lyrics or just thus enjoyable (for some) slow beats that didn’t quite recovering any spiritual consciousness but standing closer to Pop Music in general; you might feeling a little bit low when you demanding these Indie Rock format led to sad romantic as being influenced heavily by Joy Division in common but separates off decades with the French connection group of mixed gender players – Tomorrow Massacre. 

Meet yourself with the living musicians like Kevin Paul Cahay, Eleonore Navarro, Paul Pechenart or Esteban Avellan releasing the Square Fruits record and filling it with non-gladness themes like Silver Leaf, Peaches & Tangerine, Not in The Eyes to Apple & Cinnamon with their English lyrics and sending the tubular weirdness messages to the next days if you decided to follow the last steps of Ian Curtis or at least, this Frenchy band’s gloomy cold road where the music went slow and the vocals sounded desperately in deep broken pain. 

Square Fruits:

Cotton Motorcycle (Shake It Records 2005)

Around the corner where one might finding how good is the combination between Billy Corgan’s buzzing guitars, Adam Duritz’s odd vocals and harmony to the Jangle-Pop meets Country-Folk missions from The Jayhawks all being creatively mixed by these Indie Rock from Cincinnati, Ohio – Wussy as formed and consisting of Chuck Cleaver on guitars and vocals, Lisa Walker (guitars, vocals), Mark Messerly (bass guitar), Joe Klug on drums with the pedal steel player as additional John Erhardt and releasing some good albums including the band’s first debut one: Funeral Dress. A simple vocals harmony and Alternative Rock institution grade that collectively entertaining and natural which marking the kisses of Summer or the windy blowing the stack of hays like a spiritual intuition driven by magic that turning the surroundings sunny and bright might be caught via the ballad Pop of Airborne, Soak It Up, Shunt and Conversation Lags that dragging boredom for a few feet farther – leaving a nearby on you, a melodies for smiling and thankful feelings for the day of today and tomorrow just being promised and safe to ride.

Funeral Dress:

Sail Guilty Filthy (Red Bull Records 2011)

Aaron Bruno leaving his previous bands out and built something new and solid not only in the music structure but also the more characterized patrons which fit for any occasional purpose and nobody knows what is it going to be until Awolnation formed and spreading a bit jealousy among other West Hollywood groups and music scene that (yet) another cross-over band which combining Modern Rock, Electronic, Synth-Pop to EDM beats comes and constructively trying to destroy the less-stable music stepping ground there. But fear not because Awolnation which also consisting of names like Christopher Thorn, David Amezcua, Hayden Scott to Kenny Carkeet and Zach Irons truly creative and fresh – they’re making thus mixing sounds that brings the late 90’s era colliding with the past new millennium trends with today’s demanding conscious music beats which needed a dynamic movement or motivations and through the first album from them – Megalithic Symphony, the blending of Arena Rock, Funk, Soul, Power Pop and Electro-beats attached to one another and sounds amazing to your ears. Some Sort of Creature. Soul Wars, Jump on My Shoulders, My Nightmare’s Dream, Knights of Shame to Not Your Fault – all seems to be entertaining now ! 

Megalithic Symphony:

Iheslaria Ama Lurra (GOI Music 2001)

   Galdutako Itxaropenaren Eresia or Funeral of Hope for Galdatako really means a lot but the mystery will be questioned always cause this album release from the Gipuzkoa, Basque Country area by the Black Metal band named Numen; must be a presentation of a war declaration to the long presence of anger and hatred resistance of freedom towards the land from the nationalist regime governments but also don’t you forgetting about the darker deep evil lurking from thus displays of occult temptations and messages held to burst out quickly like fang’s bite marks from the group to their listeners as being consistence within Denboraren Iluntasuna (Time of Darkness), Mendiaren Irrintzia (Clocks) or Gau Hotz Isilaren Magalean (Cold Night’s Hillside) comes like a blasting raw Classic arts of Black Metal in fast and crushing beats – leaving only a few survivors after they’re passing through your county. 
The themed lyrics of either nature, battles and Basque legends really would giving the audience a worth reasons listening and later try to find something more about the background resistance behind the Basque territory long history of rebellion towards injustice. 
With Lander (bass, flute, alboka), guitarists Jabo and Xabier, Eol the keyboard player, Eihar on drums and lead vocalist Aritz Navarro turn this Folkish Black Metal extremity into an artistic forms of resistance media. 


Jawline (Bandcamp 2015)

   Pop-Power non-artificial meets Progressive Rock as Indie band from Lawrence, Kansas named Not Like Igor really didn’t sounds like that but extra-muscular by their structure even though one still can finding a Folkish Country Pop acoustic on them through How Are We but most of the opening session album tracks off This is Just to Say really buzzing with low distortions and heavy feedback like Comet, Rosy Cheeks or Build a Shelter. 

Thankfully to Maxwell Gustav Moore and the Fredrickson’s Nicholas and Anders for being themselves and making this “not that simple” recording and sharing it with the rest of us …  

PS. If you love fun, simple and outlandish Pops.

This is Just to Say:

Fried Will Me (Rise Above Records 2007)

   Stop stepping and wait, the stomping beats coming from the irresistible Stoner Rock plus Space/Hard Rock persistence cannot be seemingly stopped because you are there witnessing the artistic Progressive heavy music brought by these trio of Andrew Prestidge, Nigel Ingram and Paul Fyfe naming themselves Winters as their existence are protected by some of Black Sabbath’s riff-age mutualism with more Desert Rock of Kyuss like influences and artworks of semi-nature-occultism shared to the audiences whom – either liking old Classic Heavy Metal and Doom Rock to those who also demanding for a great guitar’s melodic solos that can destroying the PA quite easily in short time. Meet Winter’s remarkable outages via Black Clouds in Twin Galaxies album; that first – having an awesome head-banging chords and structure of music with greatness awaits. Second, you might begin to liking them instantly – for the honest metallic meets independent and artworks and tracks of erupting mystic lyrics for Two Wrongs Make a Right, Mark My Word, Life was So Simple, Aftershown to I’m a Destroyer and Endless Fight with thus crashing rough and lighter good sense for rock to breathing free.

Black Clouds in Twin Galaxies:

La Bella Soledad (Spati Palace 2017)

Mesmerizing as well as commencing like the wind of West Ponape side blowing slow; sending the fortunate musky messages thrown from the heavenly world up there down to earth as thus harmony of capturing sadness mixed within hopes prevailing the unknown letters firmly sell-out to the remote spotless sun-screen windows facing the East of the left corner on flatten world provides the essential Dreamy-Pop within thus Reverb-Indie Rock as the female personnel leading her voice as the leader for this manual sounds embarking the amount of measurements on nearly peace experiences via the Palm trees’ leaves by Highest Sea through Haunted Hearts – a s we can relate the forcible current-melodies attachment for them. Four tracks in this mini recording album must have been collectively strong enough to giving you a first good impression just like on Hawaii or Wait for The Night which easily tossing out the romantic balance of the truth for the fixed soul-mates or two strangers’ eyes met together.

Haunted Hearts:

Silence Outro (Narbentage Produktionen 2016)

Marks as Mr. Paha Henki ultimate dark-devotions for blasphemous lyrics and satanic force proudly presented here as the mini album releasing by the alias project of the Black Metal, ambient, depressive and suicidal Extreme raw noises breaks through this violent figure of one man-band called Per La Lumon on Self-Tortured Solitude. The opening seven minutes slamming, smashing and disturbing tracks just being continued by the following extremity mystical of Sterbend’s song off Depressing Paths Through Fullmoon Forests that leaving you in a type of nearly-demon possession by the haunting vocals or the brutal metallic sounds available there from the dark-side as the dedication to one of his fallen friends – Percy Bysshe Shelley among others on committing suicide. Such a productive in fully negativity recording extreme artists as your example about how dangerous Black Metal arts can really become - provided by Paha Henki Productions.  


Hem White Moon (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records 2014)

   What’s left behind as the legacy from your Psychedelic era or Hippie-flower generations is these Tokyo, Japan mesmerizing musicians or group calling themselves Kikagoku Moyo (meaning geometric patterns) that instead of forcing themselves forged into the Japanese culture completely, learning some influences from the Hindu’s cultural elements and beliefs straight in India as the historic format sounds from Indie Rock, Progressive Music, Psychedelic  and Worldwide sequences all made in coalition within the band’s performers from Go Kurosawa, Tomo Katsurada, Daoud Popal to Kotsu Guy and the eccentric sitar player - Ryu Kurosawa as might being called as the band’s soul searcher commencing their music towards the great various choices between modern and classic as the atmosphere being build within the massive tones as proven through the second recording release – Forest of Lost Children that reflecting respectively most of thus wisdom spreading within the last era of the sixties and the late seventies even not mentioning the failure of it as well for protesting in peace about designated issues on human civil rights but might getting paid off several years later in a different decade by this Japanese band. Re-written the essential lyrics and pure messages of non-aggressive topics via the melodious music talents and self-esteem of collective souls off the band; the recording sprouting some of their beloved and awesome long-jamming of Prog-Rock popularity interactive attractions on Kodama, Semicircle, Smoke and Mirrors as well as Street of Calcutta – grasping excellent via permanent measurements about reality sounds within the hallucinated realm …

Forest of Lost Children:

Ole Speed Freak (Grooveyard Records 2013)

   A quartet of four horsemen perhaps, not too sounding apocalyptic and please to meet the Southern rockers from the South – Nashville as they’re mixing Hard Rock or Hair Rock ingredients to be exact as Jarrod England (lead vocals, slide guitars), Bob “Action Earl” Watkins (lead guitars), Brian Witty (bass guitar) and Chris Hardesty (drums) proceeding their musical project called Black Mountain Prophet as they’re releasing the infamous good debut album on Notorious Sinner. The Lynyrd Skynyrd influences or the eccentric outlaws attitude might get captured by the listeners via this band’s explorative expressions and melodious performance as the Southern –Rock classic groups used to did before and then. Notorious Sinner just like a pleasurable rocking emission verse for the biblical story about the wrestling battle between a mortal and an angel in Pniel as the heroic musical also approved to be competitive and undeniable for those fanatic fans of this type of Rock music anthems through the tracks of the scums of the West West world after the death of Billy The Kid or such but never sounded to freaking greedy to be loved. Absurd or romantic like Smack Me Down, Too Much of a Good Thing to Love My Woman or Deuteronomy and Second Son might sounded like a poisoning feelings as mysteriously talks about Somethin’ in The Water - just happened.


Corryvreckan (Tee Pee Records 2012)

Low baritone vocals, heavy in mystical cult-themed music producing to the Progressive encounters of both collision of Heavy Metal, Symphonic Rock to the occult-tinged messaging via the mysterious lyrics as the touching of science and magic equals the penetrations of blending in-between every elements available by the solid performance from your Math-Rock off Los Angeles named Ancestor assembly the ensemble of Doomy Psychedelic metallic music supported by the five-piece members of the band; Justin Maranga (guitars, vocals), Jason Watkins (organ, piano, mellotrone, vocals), Nick Long (bass, vocals) to Matt Barks (modular synths, moog, theremin) or Jamie Miller (drums) did their version of rising a legacy about Alice in Chains with some mix gender additional vocals helping the recording release of the band’s third album – In Dreams and Time. Blasting loud as the massive exploding services via mirror reflection over reflections and more reflections like a gate of maze figures temporary jeopardizing or confusing the modern world separated their logic from magic and so be it – the tons of tracks here will providing the conceptual or slight explanations about Whispers, The Last Return, Running in Circles or On The Wind – as the wondering thoughts being illuminated by the glorious First Light in pre-dominant enlightenment …

In Dreams and Time:

Breeding Cemetery (Jagjaguwar 2016)

Formed by Stephen McBean as the transformation of this Vancouver’s local rockers to Black Mountain really fits as the changes smoothing their rocking brighter days since then within the additions for the completed line-up with Matthew Camirand, Jeremy Schmidt to Joshua Wells and the band’s front woman Amber Webber – decided to make the group not just a communal collective but also giving variety of more type of Rock Music sounds mixing like Stoner Rock, Indie-Rock, Psychedelic and Hard Rock by the non-lethal generating themes about Progressive things and Space-explorations through several good recordings as well as this newest one on IV. 

Listen to the harmony music and the great vocals from Amber and the band through Mothers of The Sun, Florian Soucer Attack, Defector and Constellations where the latest efforts liable there sounding perfectly raunchy, excellent and simply rocking in their most beautiful mysterious and interesting basic ways provide. 


In Echoes Sun (Not On Label 2017)

Through the complex mixing in between the invisible borderline off Goth-Punk, Post Rock and Shoegaze as the semi-harmonic instruments performance or the vocals sounding cold as the projector on the echoes on the breezing rain or the sun-down last rays on the corner of your eyes mature but not too popular to some ears but never shall be rejected while playing on someone else stereo within thus philosophical thoughts of patterns and lyrics painted to the materials sharing to you on an album, This Social Coil from Aachen, Germany probably can be one of your delighted favorable groups from Goth-Pop scenery communion as Pictures showing the opened eyes of the smart and the mysterious to blending onto the new world of modernity – carving for grudge of greed but keeps on consuming hatred over love and lust over kind intentions. 
Anyway, one would not having trouble to located the essential elements blossoming form inside the track-lists like The Book, Scrolling Back, Second Sky to Behind The Waterfall or Beacons Through The Underworld re-emerging on poisoning the thoughts of thus leftovers while the rest of the populations are finally sleeping in timeless classic condition under the whirling spells of Goth music and drugs.


Stalks Husk (Ubiquilty 2016)

A Santa Ana – CA's native musician and music producer as the latest offering to the world of modern music fresh from the oven; meet Evan Geesman as our ears would capturing those influences of many legendary names in great music as this guy likes as favorites such as Wu-Tang Clan, Mahavishnu Orchestra to Apex Twin among the honest truth about Evan whose giving us not only the weirdy tones of musical performance but also some of the best acoustic-tinged compositions which written by himself through the album of Coils that carries courageous intentions via various beats, live music and magical samples brought to the real global planet of the citizens by Evan Geesman on this album. 
The precaution between peaceful feelings and wiser words of your World Music characters might getting clear showing through Take A Chance, Rainmaker, Beast and Sleeptalking. You might get lost after hearing several songs here and need someone to showing you the exact back home path then …


Lavender Perrywinkle (Funeral Sounds 2015)

   Christian Novelli and Michael Todd Berland from Portland, Oregon created this symbiosis pattern band that playing lots of bedroom Pop experimental which clining on thus floating vocals and musical ability that turning Indie Lo-Fi sounds as chilling as the Synth-Pop for 5am songs to the one who cannot sleep tight or being taken hostage by amnesia; just perfectly meet the insidious non-famous recording from Fox Academy which having their subject themed off Luxury Beverage not because they wanted to get drunk or something but more than that – this album switching honesty to wisdom as your ears catching the good lyrics echoing through the melting ice or little flowers coloring the backyard as the harmony of Ski mask, Grape Soda Bby, Girl Cabinet, I See Yr Cute D├ęcor, Mourning Song or We Are Up Early Again Honey Bug have sending the romance disguising as Indie Pop haunting voices straight to your long gone soul mate not far from here …  

Luxury Beverage:

Nyanyikan Lagu Perang (Self-Released 2007)

Used to re-considerable as a Goth Grunge group from Indonesia but as the terminology changed and as every destruction over the nations  as included the band’s beloved country or to be exact their hometown – Bandung as all went darker; as the errorist’s terror led the disintegrating among many people of the beautiful peace archipelago and for this – Koil the (now) Glam-Industrial Rock band trying to deleting almost everything they believed before and left things within a big gap of emptiness, waiting for something wiser and true to filling in the giant hole created by fundamentalism, false nationalism, corruptions and cannibalism among Indonesians re-captured back through those distorted grungy riffs of protests and angst of the youth about nation which collapsing slower but still didn’t realizing it just like the entitled recording release from Koil’s Blacklight (Shines On) concluding the messenger led vocalist J.A Verdijantoro, brother and guitarist Donnijantoro , Imo Nasution on bass/guitar to drummer Leon Ray Legoh and one might finally found out that the actual concentrated beats of standard melodies and more inner motives taken from the likes for Nine Inch Nails’ first recording sessions to the softer side of Marilyn Manson learning to controlling the dark-side as thus works from these underground musicians several years ago might be paid within these parade of protester songs like the godless themes or tribal wars waiting to happened through the selected tracks like Ajaran Moral Sesaat which related to false prophecies, Aku Lupa Aku Luka – a distorting reflection influenced by Rammstein with a background history that tearing down some parts of Indonesian peaceful community in chaos, Sistem Kepemilikan that viewing on the latest capitalism tricks played on your desires for consumptions. 

Forgetting things that you would love not to miss …


Read It Weep (Smog Veil Records 2002)

For the rise of Alternative Rock and modern Punk Rock the record that needs to re-recording and re-forming reminding about the intense time where Proto-Punk was born somewhere in the midst era of nineteen seventy four within the baptized name of your semi-legendary band called Rocket Form The Tombs with the personeel names like Buddy Akita, Craig Bell, David Thomas, Gary Siperko, John Madansky or Steve Mehlman and more of the members of it comes and gone just as a;most the same years most youngsters loving the way music rocks through MC5 or The Stooges as appearing as well to the mainstream but this one might particularly given something different rather than just riffing out and spitting protests through their lyrics because the materials made by them completely on this debut (live recording from Punk Ground Zero, Cleveland 1975) record – The Day The Earth Met The Rocket From The Tombs has refilling the charger by having a blending of extracted mix of Bluesy Rock, Distorting Stoner sounds, roughly Rock N’ Roll and one shall noticing the great melodic of progressions also intact within the band’s materials of music – so you’ll remember. The fast and the psychedelic verses around the radio hits Raw Power or So Cold to What Love Is, Life Stinks, Muckraker, 30 Second Over Tokyo and Satisfaction as well as the sarcastic classic number from Proto-Punk scene - Ain’t It Fun within all these nineteen tracks would be your historic proofs about how the revolution goes from a corn and simple matters to then several years later – explodes worldwide.


Rebirth Scattered (Tankcrimes Records 2016)

Would be seemingly indestructible within the facts that this is just a preparation from a Crust Death Metal or Death N’ Roll formed in San Francisco – CA to tossing their accessible of excessive force through the compilation album The Labyrinth before releasing the real studio album next.
Instead, for the facts also that this compilation album only filled with some of those singles or demo tapes from Necrot – the majestic dangerous satanic band that consisting of Sonny Reinhardt, Chad Gailey to Luca Indrio as now resides in Oakland; the symbolic in front or the rest of thus track-listings inside may caution and kills your grandparents instantly ! Recorded by Jeff “ Leppard” Davis Greg Wilkinson – Necrot truly, won’t be hesitated to take any prisoners for this one and the next; they’re coming to conquering and slaying you pathetic maggots – so you fucking better head-banging or ended up skinned alive. 
Let’s go to the middle of the mosh-pit and jump higher to die soon as Contagious Pain, The End, Cycles of Pain or The Abyss and Consume Control bursts like a volcano eruption destroying the entire town underneath it with firing lava.

The Labyrinth:

Lost On Course (FatCat Records 2016)

Christopher Duncan is a Glasgow’s Royal Scottish Academy resident whose also a musician whom playing guitars and violin; have a fascinating dream to composed and performance classic music within various ensembles as then C. Duncan talents are combining as the process of recording album in making of The Midnight Sun as the title album borrows an episode’s sub-title off a television series The Twilight Zone as well as involving your ears for listening through these eleven tracks to share to the audiences via personal experience story written on Nothing More, Wanted to Want it too, Who Lost and Other Side; brought to you to introducing the man’s talented efforts of Indie Pop, Alternative acoustic and Electronic of Glasgow sparkling life being wise and free to decide. Sounding like a personal testament as the music elaborates the artworks which also by coincidence painted by Christopher Duncan himself because he wanted to have a good related cover that fixed with the themed songs he wrote  and also how the similarity messages vibrates along within the good songs over The Midnight Sun, as we got an offer through signatured layered vocals and dreamy instrumentations form the prodigious talent of Duncan. Melodies and harmony embodied each other – spiraling into soft music on spending our days without rain. 

The Midnight Sun:

Somniferum (Notebook Records 2013)

   Japanese beauty but not according to Pop-music cultural heritage because the sleazy nutty and dreadful high-speed chasing Electronic/Dance artist - Aikapin should be one of the notorious semi-underground musicians coming out of the land of eastern sun; committed to Trance beats and total speeds as Envy turned out to be her latest and debut recording followed by the raiding of Japanese Underground music scene by Industrial/Trance/Break-beats which bring chaos into the J-Pop nation and ready to destroying Tokyo into ashes and built a new and powerful Dance-Electro capital of the world on it as supported by the attacks of these scary songs of Heavenly (Alkapin feat.DJ SHC Crew), Marionette Soldier (feat. DJ Myosuke) to Dream Drop Down (feat. DJ Shimamura) and Faded Rose to Grimm known back there as a remix contest winner track which making Aikapin’s Envy a non-English lyrics album that worth to be listening especially for thus whom liking Hardcore-Dance, Gabber, Speedcore or Electro J-core. Fast and deadly and fucking noisy !


I Cry Small (Mercury 2001)

Distinctive mixes of commercial non-hits for Trip-Hop, Jazz to Dub breaks or Synth-Pop with Drum N’ Bass duet Electron from Manchester known as this simple Lamb or as personal Louise Rhodes (vocals) and Andy Barlow (music) within the trade-marking crisps heard beats sequence to the haunting eerie vocals combination just like you wanted to imagine and listen through Lamb’s third album – What Sound. The binary combinations off Left-field, Trip-Hop and Down-tempo might be a new beginning for Electronic-circuit series music sounds to emerging to the surface once the coasts are clear for landed less-monitored but slowly invades as the genre’s develops even greater and healthy since the new millennium begins. Feel the emotional motionless and touch of a seriously electro-magnetic field music mix via Sweet, One, Scratch Bass, Heaven to Gabriel and Blessing in Disguise; the melodies and solo keys performance dominates the atmosphere as the beats brace and the scene getting mystical. 

What Sound:

Lethe Wretched (Whispering Voice Records 2013)

As beauty as the female voice and as deadly as the darker music beats that combines the softer and the extreme sides into one particular essence possible to both listeners came as one mass-attendance answering this invitations given carefully by the group of Symphonic Doom/Gothic Metal from Froland, Norway brought their themes off despair, loneliness, death and inner struggles within the mystic lyrics and ritual of traditional Folklore meets the modern spells in the name of Heavy Metal sounds providing the semi-commercial reflections over the deepest darker mirror bottom led the unseen force conquering you  and your mind as the music linked you to the past stories of the other side entrapped the unlucky woman to be drown into their own curiosity terminates by the releasing album of Ancestral Legacy on Terminal; facing the reality that nobody immune to evil especially, when it disguises perfectly inside the kindness or beauty with two faces. Listen to Bone Code, There is no Birth and Death, Dawn of Time to Death Silence without Pain shall Shedding You into piece by piece but one shall not feel it happens until vocalist Isadora Cortina or Tor Arvid Larsen and Eddie Risdal on guitars/harsh vocals stop performing and leave you tortured alone - in between life and death.


Mugen Selene (Pink Tank Records 2017)

   Can also being called as cosmic sorcerers from Portland, OR; a Doom Metal Progresive with Stoner Bluesy and Psychedelic edge with the line-up of Nori Lockhart (guitar, vocals), Ben Dorothy (drums, vocals), Derrin Twiford (keyboards, percussion) and Archie Heald (bass) bringing their Classic format of heavier tunes as slower tempo and more melodic whispering intact tighter within the essential self-written materials which carried thus Occults-based themes sounding pretty thick like fog surrounding the inner-self of consciousness within your head filling the brain with many imaginative memories and reality breaking collides into one blast as Cambrian Explosion giving the world their extended recording off The Moon. Five experiencing themes circling from fast to slow motion as the universal measurement would emerge as the band performing the excellent progressions via Looming Eyes or Innocuous Creatures; like the worshiping of Luna through a Hard Rock plus Prog-Metal and Doom sensibility by a band of excellence.  

The Moon:

Avery If Only (Topshelf Records 2014)

Consisting of your sixes featuring young Rock fans turning themselves into a band from Seattle – WA as we meet with Lizzy, Andy, Sebastien, Jacob, Josh and Mikey if you like other bands like Built to Spill, Sunny Day Real Estate or Bjork combined in one package, you would definitely loving these Dreamy Pop group calling themselves Special Explosion as the mesmerizing tunes of harmony mixtures of melodies by using solid plays on the live music and the materials written by themselves to be recorded and being release as a good distribution sounds towards whom it may concern and as many listeners that shall liking the group’s efforts just like on this second mini album entitled The Art of Mothering which at first, might reminding you about That Dog in many similarity but then you know that Seattle Sound may still becoming the right choice for them as they’re mixing it with more Modern Pop culture sounds as the lyrics issue keeps updating that fits to the mainstream charts or social media - spreading maturity. 
Not trying to selling themselves out too much; Special Explosion perhaps, demanding you to take an easy steps on them because they’re new and you also listening in such happy feelings through Clotheslined and Hide and Kingdom and all those lovely sweet tender music creations by this awesome group.

The Art of Mothering:

Qaul Tarana Bismillah (Bandcamp 2015)

   Gaining the compassion for a non-violent lyrics about how the creator wants you to spreading peace not war and destructions; kindness and melodies to keeping the weary hearts calmer not being suspicious or full of hatred on visualizing every differences based on the mild knowledge for learning Sufism on a right path for these united musicians/artists build this group called HuDost that consisting of Montreal, QC and Kentucky (USA) band members featuring Moksha Sommer (vocals, harmonium, accordion, keys, shahi-baaja) and Jemal Wade Hines (guitars, baritone, mandolin, bazouki, percussions and vocals) with the helps from Christie Lenee (guitars, vocals), Chuck Mauk (drums), Michael Murphy (bass) or Chris Narada Hines (drums) and George Tortorelli (flute, percussions) as well as more additional musicians on this releasing record for promoting peace from them as the coexist spirits flying higher as the lyrics of good messages try to reaches depth inside human’s hearts through Sufi Kirtan album. One can see how spectacular and tolerance Sufism towards other beliefs where Arabic calligraphy, Christ’s cross, Hindu god’s sculpture to white Buddha all combines as one row in order to find the true meaning of living your life as a good soul by purpose. So, whether the group converting to a new ideology or it just purely artistic taste on fusion between Eastern and West musical sounds to thus Folk-World Music experience and experiments; the Pop-Rock Indie with traditional Balkan Folk, Farsi, Turkish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Macedonian, etc compact into thus songs of lovely honest peace such as Erler Demine (Dost Dost Dost!), Estafurallah, Universal Worship to Abrahamic Zikr and Subhanallah would taste a little bit strange but opening some interests to learning about the essential love universally that can change everything to be better for you, them and everyone. 

Sufi Kirtan: