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Zimmerframe Finale (Screamworks Records 2012)

   Great opening intro as this British’s zombie apocalypse-flick comedy movie entitled Cockney vs Zombies is an entertaining film that continued the laughable yet good background story about a bunch of bank-robbers planning quite simple but on the contrary finding themselves not only fail to rob the bank they’ve already targeting but also being stuck in the middle of outbreak furor which turning most of the city populations into the flesh-eating undead horde devastating almost the entire parts of East End of London while the MacGuires – Terry, Andy and grandpa Ray with their hot cousin Katy as well as one of the bank client Emma must running to survive in order to stay alive from the hungry zombies on the streets and everywhere; losing their foolish companions such as the war veteran Mickey or Clive (Emma’s boyfriend) while saving some old-folks from Ray’s retirement housing complex only with minimum attempting cash found from the bank’s vault and drove the van like crazy. As the situations getting uncontrollable and the growing concern about whether they all will surviving this havoc moment and planning for the possible aims which is reasonable to do in order for not being human-feast and eaten or turned into one of the flesh-eating deadheads – the group keeps moving on from places until they realized that leaving the retirement complex is the most reasonable reason to take for risks so the sexy Katy then hot-wiring a double-decker bus as most of them had arming themselves with weaponry off to safety place which actually, didn’t go quite well as planned. Among all the escaping actions and hilarious funny moments and some dramatized of few minutes arguing; this band of survivors then decided to go for the river and snatch some boats for then go by the water which can thinkable as a safer plan to do but manage this isn’t going to be easy because they’ve to passing, killing, smacking, fighting and swearing many many rimes and a lot of zombies before reach the dock – probably, with some casualties as well in the process. But anyway, you might having a great adventuring hour with them exploring some parts of East London or sightseeing the effects of massive outbreak which begun from the first moment two workers of a building site of Hartman Construction found a 17th century graveyard tunnel that ordered by King Charles II to be sealed well for some really freaking good reason due to the old times of zombie outbreak in his ruling time. Original scoring for this movie is also sounded neat as thrill-recaptured, funny and entertaining as providing and composed by Jody Jenkins in no particular order for background-ing this comedy horror film with Heroes, Bank Heist, Zombies Take London to Mental Mickey, The Rescue Mission and Death of a Hero as a must watch-able and guidance collector labeled for this.