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Yosemite Walnuss (Duchess Box Records 2016)

Pop Alternative and Country Rock influences mixed with the rootsy Folkish music and foreigner touches of berlin, Germany’s Indie sounds – these all girls band whose calling themselves Gurr might be a great choice for you to learn more about this type of music scene after the new millennium came to us. 

Meet the cutey trio of Jil Marz (bass), Laura Lee Jenkins (drums, vocals) and Andreya Casablanca (vocals, guitars) carrying these eleven Jangle-Pop tracks tuned-in deliciously within songs wrote by themselves like Moby Dick, #1985, Diamonds, Computer Love to Song for Mildred would be some of the great choice for one to listen. Simple in happiness as the melodic harmony tones reacting to people as the behavior turned to specifically, joyful just like the expecting celebration for April jubilee parade on the back of an open car rounding up your small town in smiles. 

In My Head: