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Wrecqueim Hum (Bandcamp 2013)

The itches and the ear-drums hurting effects shall happening in a minute you decided to listening to this New York jealousy Punk-Rock with crazy edges of experimental music noises much ado about rather being liked or hated by people but for no good reasons; Cellular Chaos tragically, didn’t built in one day for doing an entertainment to you all fuck-heads teenage spirits. 
The band themselves shown up to dealing with their own personal problems and issues without counting any other moods from the crowds. 
Try to crank-up their self-titled record and ask yourself – are you worthy ? And the freaking answers would be a big no from the quartet: Admiral Grey, Ceci Moss, Marc Edwards or Weasel Walter as the grungy distorts and banging music shall making your moody changed to desperation as quick as the durations from song to song attached here. Cellular Chaos creating their own imminent experiments through Barely Legal, Repeat, Our War to Waves of Fear and Smothering Instinct. 
The screaming woman, the nutty speed or the anonymous theme reactions might preserved well within either the semi-Grungy/Death Metal caustic blending or Thrash Metal and Power-Pop-Core disturbance shocking the stereo before you and your collections of standards Pop-Punk commercialism addicts at home.