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Witch Cosmic Fire (Independent 2014)

   Opening by the first explosive track – Battlefield Girth within its four minutes one second penetration to cracking your skull is the manageable Doom Metal distortion music performs by Destroyer of Light band (Austin, Texas) consisting of Jeff Klein (bass), Kelly “Penny” Turner (drums), Keegan Kjeldsen (guitars) and Steve Colca (vocals, guitars) whom exploring their riffs like the combination of Sabbath meets Metal-core and Death Metal in slower mid-tempo energy brings the depressive thoughts to raging the planet out in circle of empiric sessions demanding head-bangs and horn raising fast from the fans listeners as the stronger sounds roasted your stereo system as the second track emerge on Forbidden Zombie Ritual taken from the band’s mini album Bizarre Tales Vol. 2 that will reminding us about the artworks from a comic book that terrifying but exciting. Need to get the record now ! 

Bizarre Tales Vol. 2: