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Wings & Waves (Sweet Records 2013)

   Whether it is for only advertisement jingle song or not and you might loving it or not too; these Madrid’s sixty to seventy vintage Funky O’ Rama performing group could definitely attracting your interest for the look of something freshly not new but never fails to keeping everybody dancing tight in sweats or a couple making hours of sexual intercourse in a small cheap hotel’s room using this great musical project that pops-out from the combinations of a deadly Jazz, Soul, Psychedelic, Blues and the best will be came right after the sun comes up and rise – ready to burn you all up and with one single simple talks, having chances to get laid with the home girl next door that never spoken to you before your stereo playing The Sweet Vandals a bit loud from the living-room and crossing the walls and plank-wooden border fences arrived to hypnotizing mostly babes or mature women around your block to come out sweaty sexy and dancing their asses off for you today ! 
The total beatable sounds and thus curved techniques crashing the silence and risen spirits shining brighter or the party night’s wilder when one get a courage to have these real musicians off the group: Javier “Skunk” Gomez, Jose Angel “Yusepe” Herranz, Mayka Edjole, Santi “Sweetfingers” Martin and Santi Vallejo releasing their funked-up tremendous and unstoppable music via the newer album – After All. 
The good compositions with many various mixed sounds to the better choice for you to listen to Better Than I Am, Old Souls, Whether You Like It or Not and many many more of awesome music to let you thrown the boredom down the basement. 

After All: