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Widow Black (Pitch Black Records 2016)

   Telling the different story over the infamous garden tea party from Wonderland which turns creepy with devilish horned girl facing the psycho Hatter with the rest of surroundings beasts doing the reluctant ritual in circle sitting down there until midnight for the front cover posed off Sinnery’s latest Thrash recording albums. These Israelites troops of Metal-heads from Hod HaSharon/Ra’anana/Herzliya as a quartet releasing A Feast of Fools which opening quickly within the blaster tracks of fast and explosive music as the solos sounding deadly to head-banging via Revolutions for Nothing (H.A.C) or the second song of Built to Kill which comes onto the third with Magic Bullet that entirely, talking about the predictions came and go about the behavior of human-races, the attitude for destructions to thus common sense for empowered countries to kept the civil conflicts continues as the economy movements for wealthy countries but destructions for the third world nations. Consisting of Ari Roth (drums), Saar Tuvi (bass, vocals), Idan Kringel (lead guitars, backing vocals) and Alon Karnieli (rhythm guitars and vocals) believed that combining Thrash Metal explosions with more Modern Nu Metal growler vocals shall making them sounded like the blending of Early Avenged Sevenfold and Death Angel. 

Cranking yourself with the selected tracks from this album and tell yourself the world is fine – fuckers !

A Feast of Fools: