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When Love Was King (Firefly/Universal Music 2014)

   Playing the distinctive smoother tones as the blending of Bluegrass, Country, Folk and Pop as The Common Linnets started everything on their first appearance on Eurovision in Enschede as these musicians companion formed by two individuals Ilse DeLange and Waylon the vocalist but soon after replaced by the new one for the group J.B Meijers as well as the band completely consisting of its semi-permanent members like Jake Etheridge, Matthew Crosby and  Rob Crosby; releasing their self-titled debut album and The Common Linnets soon becoming one of the newcomers and selling artists fast in Europe music charts as the recording reached out Gold certificate and Platinum in Austria, Germany and The Netherlands itself among others several neighboring countries around them. 
   The easy-listening music, filled within great melodies and honest harmony which wrapped with Ilsa’s great warmth vocals or Country-boy Euro voice from J.B might turning the tide to the band’s advantages where more fan-based growing and the demanding shows really counting the steps for The Common Linnets for crossing the lesser-known group to one of the promising acts on the Western Europe Country/Folk/Pop scenery today. Just fall in love with Army of Salvation and Hungry Hands that educating you about hope and faith above fate to change by yourself not anybody when there’s nobody there to giving help. 
   Supporting among friends and good partners also based on trust and communications as well as the band’s trying to not to wrote too much cheesy songs but wiser ones including in romance for the up and downs truly drawn over Sun Song, Where Do I Go With Me and Broken but Home which pleasantly, being shaped by the beauty banjo or violin plays and there’s nothing wrong to shed a tear for thus guitar solos redemption they’ve said. Country Folk-Pop may turning classically best from this …  

The Common Linnets: