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Wayside Footsteps Led (Dawn Bird 2015)

Romantic relaxing as the sounds produced by these couple of husband and wife project music based on Folk Acid and Psychedelic from London with many additional musicians like Kate Sabino on autoharp or dulcimer and Matt Ashton for bass guitar and back-up vocals to Ben Phillipson on electric guitar/mandolin sectioning the self-written songs about dark Gypsy influences or revivalist Folk music quessentially made of England within the playful psyche atmosphere music of gently minor heavy Pop and bewitching aura of this duet – The Left Outsides (Allison Cotton and Mark Nicholas) through their releasing album of The Shape of Things to Come. 

Be expanding and beloved by Ring Out The Bells, Unopened Letters and Unanswered Calls, Deep Rivers Move in Silence: Shallow Brooks are Noisy or You Told Your Secrets to The Sea. 

Lovely Folk-ish record to add for your tiny music collections !