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Waterfront Fists (Barbarian Wrath 2011)

   On Crom’s Mountain was the old debut version of the band named ArkhamWitch with the quartet of Heavy rock,Traditionla Heavy Metal and Ozzy-like frontman within thus shading continuity of riffs and tempo really fantastically, inviting anyone who loves to head-banging for another best student of Corrosion of Conformity with their blasting drum-kits and melodic electric guitars filling up the surroundings over Dagon’s Bell, Burn The Witch, Battering Ram the opener or the policeman whom calling back the guilty-one, releasing On Crom’s Mountain featuring The Necromancer, Viking Pirates or The Lord of R’lyeh. As chaos you will get sooner or l;ater, nobody should underestimating these Keighley, West Yorkshire group whose being heavily influenced by weirdness, occults and H.P Lovecraft to Doom Metal solidification. Meet the distortion little masters of John J.D Demaine (bass, vocals), Emily Ningauble (drums, vocals), Simon Iff (vocals) and Aldo “Dodo” Delie Rose (guitars) cranking your universe from inside the burning sound equipments. 

Go hailing – Arkham Witch as like the mountain gods coming down to appearing on Earth.

On Crom's Mountain: