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Wasteland Destroyer (Profound Lore Records 2011)

The shading of darker forms of Doom Metal healthy scene in New York again tells you to take this abrasive pledging above riff-age to these magnificent quartet of B.J Graves (drums), Josh Graham (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Joel Hamilton (synthesizer, wurlitzer organ) and Domenic Seita (bass, vocals) as they’re bursting this game-changing sounds which literary dark, haunting, smoothly distorted and enjoyable as it melodic through your ears as the releasing on the third mystical album artworks showing us the lady of the light-bearer means sometimes refers to Venus or Moon goddess by A Storm of Light through the album - As The Valley of Death Becomes Us Our Silver Memories Fade – as a very distinctive recording release. 
One and many shall found out the great power within the balancing of magic or violence by listening to Black Wolves, Wretched Valley, Collapse, Leave No Wound and Death’s Head blasting the stereo. The reality of horrific terms related to doomsday’s themes may one day be proven as people will definitely cry for not believing it …